Even in death, Christians are persecuted, Odisha


Even in death, Christians are persecuted, Odisha

Tangaguda village in Malkangiri district of Odisha, has around 35 families residing there, of which 3 families are followers of Jesus Christ who worship at IMST.

On 27th February, Bro. Sukra Markhami’s daughter aged 2 years, passed away. As they got ready with the preparations for the last rites and burial on the family property, the local villagers stopped the funeral and demanded that they bury the body of the child outside the village.

Emotions can become powerful during the time of death of a loved one.  Bro. Sukra was adamant that as a parent, he had the right to bury the child on his own property.  Ultimately the villagers conceded that the family may bury the child on their land, only after fixing a payment of Rs. 5000/- as “penalty amount”. After paying the villagers and the burial of their child, the family retired for the night. In a previous incident, the villagers had penalized Bro. Markhami’s family of several thousands of rupees and a cow as ‘penalty’.

Later that night, around 12.30 am, this mob of 25-30 local village fundamentalists, trespassed illegally into Bro. Sukra’s property, in an intoxicated state. They laid hold of Sis. Debe Nande, the grieving mother. She heard the attackers planning to take diesel and set her ablaze. By the grace and mercy of God, she managed to give them the slip and fled for her life, in the cover of darkness, into the nearby jungle. The other 2 members of the family, Bro. Sukra and his 12-year old daughter Savitha were not spared. She was brutally beaten and hit on the head and suffered horrific and critical injuries. Both were left unconscious after the violent beating.

The 2nd Christian neighbour, Jaga Markhami who came to their rescue, was overpowered by the mob and also brutally beaten. They broke his leg leaving him unconscious. Cash of Rs. 10,000/- was stolen from his house and his cycle damaged beyond repair.

The 3rd Christian neighbour Ganga Markhami also suffered the same bloody and vicious attack and was left unconscious with a broken left hand.

Gratified that they had killed the Christians, the persecutors left the bloody crime scene.  When other believers learned about what transpired, they contacted the local Pastor Mala who arranged for all the Christians to be rescued from the village.

The 6 victims who survived this senseless act of violence, with varying degrees of critical wounds, are currently admitted and being treated in the local government hospital. Evangelist Sashi Bhusan is with them at the hospital.  To add insult to injury, Bro. Sukra Markhami’s home has been completely burnt and razed to the ground. The families have been left bruised and dumbfounded with this deadly display of hatred, intolerance, discrimination and violence against them.

Bro. Remo Paul helped the Christians in filing a Police complaint.  The main perpetrators of this brutal crime 1) Madkami Irma, 2) Padiami Irma and 3) Padiami Muka have been booked under IPC 1860, for the following sections: #323, #4542, # 427, #380, #506, # 153-A and #34

On the 01st of March, Police negotiated a “Peace agreement” between the 2 parties. However, the case registered against the persecutors stand.

As Christians, we need God’s abundant grace and not be fearful or troubled at these events. Jesus Christ himself spoke of the world’s hatred towards Christians:

“If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you “John 15: 18

Persecution Relief is assisting the families with their relocation and medical expenses.

There has been massive generation of traffic to this particular story on social media where it has been falsely stated that Sis. Debe had been burned. While it is true that the persecutors did indeed try to burn Sis. Debe, she is now well and alive. The lack of credible information from official sources is one of the prime reasons why false messages spread like wildfire over social media.


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11 thoughts on “Even in death, Christians are persecuted, Odisha”

  1. It is really disturbing to see the attacks on helpless Christians for their faith. We need to continuously pray and support God’s faithful who live in danger of their lives everyday. May God work in the hearts of all these perpetrators of crime and those who openly support them.

  2. Christians in India Not Safe,we need a Christians Soldiers to deal with this radicals peoples,i wonder what god they worship,is their gods allow to do rape,murder,dowry Govt.should look after christians ,the World should know that Christians is not safe in India and will Help out

  3. This incident is sad and yet victorious.
    These people uphold a great example for all of us who believe is Jesus.
    The enemy can beat us, kill us or take away our strength but they can never take away the freedom we have to believe in the God we wish to.
    I am proud of these brave souls who stood for our Living God.
    Persecution will come to all of us at some point in life. We will be victorious through it all, and in persecution God’s power will be displayed and many shall be saved.

  4. Odisha has suffered from natural calamities like cyclone etc because they torcher and kill GOD’S people for example Graham Staines and many, but the people of this State don’t stop maybe very soon some horrific calamity may take place in Odisha if they don’t stop threatening Christians.

  5. Disgusting n disappointing matter.we Christians are known as peace lovers n peace makers but some ppl hate this .they must know ” Christians are the harbingers of peace.”
    Jesus save your ppl.give them protection n justice.

  6. Hindus are allowed to live in peace in European countries, Christians should be allowed to live in peace in India.

  7. RSS implements their agenda part by part to eradicate Christians from India. All these persecutors are getting financial, political aid and support to do these type of coward attacks. It is end time and God need strong evidence to judge people of the nation. Before I was much worried about the unreached people because many have not heard about gospel. But now everyone of our country strongly standing against christianity either hindu, sick or muslims no difference and attacks physically or emotionally. Even if everyone is not directly attacking christians, their mindset is against them. God knows their intention. So there is nothing hinder God to judge a nation based on their act and mindset.

  8. We are only showing the love of God in Christ who died for their sins and obtained eternal life for all. We need to only believe, repent of sins, and live in the beautiful relationship with the true and living God. Otherwise, we will be forever separated from God and his goodness. It is a choice that we are making.

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