Even 75-year-old Christian not safe in India

75 years old Pastor K. K. Oommen from Brethren Church, was beaten up at Karoli village in Pathankot Tehsil, Gurdaspur, Punjab. He has been ministering in the place for the last 50 years.

Bro. K. K. Oommen and Evangelist Mukesh Kumar were paying a visit to one of the believers. They were waiting outside the house for transport to get back home. While waiting, they handed out Gospel tracks to one unidentified person who began to brutally beat them and asked them to leave the area immediately. As they were proceeding to leave the place, the same person took a branch of a tree and chased them while continuing to beat them. The aged Pastor, who could not keep up the pace, unfortunately fell down. Using this opportunity, Pastor was brutally beaten until Evangelist came to his rescue. Finally, they managed to get a 3-wheeler to get away from the place.

But the persecutors were relentless. They chased these Christians on their bikes, stopped the 3-wheeler and beat them some more. It was only after reaching Pathankot, that both could get medical attention. Pastor Oommen was grievously injured especially on his eye which was profusely bleeding.
Rev. Ameet Mohan, Chairman of “Pathankot Pastors Association” speaking to the Founder, Persecution Relief, narrated this story. They had visited the Brothers at the Hospital with other Board Members.

Church, please pray for Pastor K.K. Oommen and Evangelist Mukesh Kumar. Pray for complete healing – spiritually, physically and mentally.

Pray that God may fill their hearts with grace to forgive the persecutors.

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  1. It is very necessary for all of us to be calm in God’s name and do what we have been send to this earth, I know things are easy to say but those innocent suffering will definitely be rewarded by the almighty God. I pray for all of em specially persecutors.

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