Evangelist falsely charged and arrested, Maharashtra


As briefed by Rev. David Fernandez, Advocate Vaishali Sawant  and Rev. Devdan Tribhuvan, Rahat Legal Aid Foundation and Coordinator, Persecution Relief, Maharashtra.


Evangelist Jayesh Shelar, a Leader with Living Hope Church, Hindi Congregation, Mumbai, which is pastored by Pastor Vinu Paul, has been arrested by the Police and framed with false charges of molesting a minor girl. Evg. Jayesh used to minister in the area and the locals were against him because of his faith in Jesus Christ.

On 24th April, as he was walking down the road in that area, around noon, 2 young girls were walking ahead of him. Suddenly, one child accidentally fell down. As Evg. Jayesh, who was walking behind these girls, reached out to give the girl a hand, a couple of women who were around, began yelling and shouting, drawing attention of the public. As the crowd gathered, Evg. Jayesh was falsely accused of molesting the girl. He was beaten by the public, face painted black, and taken to the Police Station. No one knew about his whereabouts as his mobile telephone was confiscated from him. He was only allowed to make a call at 9.00 pm

Evg. Jayesh is currently in Police custody. An FIR has been lodged against him under IPC 354 and POSCO. Advocate Vaishali Sawant, who is currently at the court, will be seeking ‘Judicial custody’ after which bail will be sought.

Enclosed are Founder’s conversations with Advocate Vaishali Sawant and Rev. Devdan Tribhuvan.

Evg. Jayesh is a strong follower of Jesus with a passion for the lost.

Church, please pray for all conspiracies to be exposed and for a fair and just judgement in this case.


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13 thoughts on “Evangelist falsely charged and arrested, Maharashtra”

  1. Yes truth will prevail. This has been proved over and over again in history. God is not toothless. This world is still under His authority.

  2. When God is with us than who can be against of us.
    That girls will be convicted n confess their wrong intension.the table will be turn for the glory of God.

  3. I know what it’s like to be falsely accused. I am on probation and having to pay a $1000 fine for a false charge. My deepest prayers for Jesus to intervene in this cases.
    Feel free to send me a friend request on Facebook Jeff Stoker.

  4. Yes, the Lord will expose the wrongdoing of these women’s who didn’t see the goodness of God through him, but evil which was in their played a game.
    We pray for the Lord to intervene.

  5. Praying for brother Jayesh.God is going to release him.we must pray without ceasing rest Our lord will take care of him.

  6. The Lord Jesus Christ will not forsake him for sure. Those wilfully lying will be vindicated by Jesus soon and truth will prevail. Will pray that the holy spirit will prevail strongly to reveal the sinister plan hatched by those against him

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