Update – Easter day arrest, Madhya Pradesh

Update: 4.00 pm| 01 April 2018

Bro. V. A. Antony, his family and 3 sisters have been released. Praise the Lord.

Persecution Relief would like to thank the Police Officials for the help extended.

Thanks to Sr. Meenakshi Singh for speaking to the authorities.

Evg. V. A. Antony and his wife

Evangelist Bro. V. A. Antony in conversation with Persecution Relief Team.

3.00 pm | 01 April 2018

On 01 April, as Evangelist V. A. Antony (Brethren Church, Satna, Madhya Pradesh) his wife Prabha Antony, his daughter and 3 sisters who are members of the Church, were returning after worship service, when their vehicle was intentionally blocked, by religious fanatics who were travelling in a Scorpio.

The fanatics surrounded the vehicle and began shouting slogans and abuses and accusing the Brother of indulging in conversion activities. The unruly radicals were so intimidating that they meant to beat the occupants of the car. But as the sisters began to shout for help, the mob forcibly took the Christians to the Police Station at Satna. They are currently in the Kolgama Police Station and the fanatics is pressuring the Police to lodge an FIR against them.

Bro. Antony’s son, Bro. Enoch, called Persecution Relief to narrate this incident and request for immediate release of the Christians. A similar incident involving Bro. V. A. Antony occurred in 2016, where the family were detained by Police for questioning.

Persecution Relief Team spoke to the Police Officials seeking impartial justice.

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  1. We say freedom of religion according to Indian constitution and our PM and Ministers says about safety of Christian’s and Muslims but we never see safety anymore in our own mother Land, please pray and to vote for whom we can trust. May God protect His children and Chang the visions and plan of the persecutors Amen.

  2. We the Children of GOD He protect us But we must pray before we serve the LORD by Preaching and Tracts distribution and Gospel Preaching and any message we proclaim where we living . because Our strength is not at sufficient without Prayers but HE says in 1 John 4:4-6,you please strongly believe in HIM ,HE PROTECT US. God bless you all.

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