Divine Deliverance of Missionaries Arrested on False Charges

Divine Deliverance of Missionaries Arrested on False Charges

GEMS missionaries were reprimanded and taken into police custody from a meeting in Uttar Pradesh. Schemes of the complainants to harm them failed.

Gospel meeting (VGP) was being conducted on 16th July 2019 in a village (in one of the believer’s place) in Chopan of GEMS Sonebhadra Zone (Southern Region) in which missionaries Bro. Martin and Bro. Parasnath were ministering. Some people had called and complained to the police and a team of policemen arrived at the spot and took them and a believer Bro. Bagwan Das into custody and took them to Jugail Police Station.

In the late night nearly 25 believers went to the police station and talked to the police on behalf of the reprimanded missionaries and believer. All the three were chained and were kept in the prison the whole night. 

The next morning, on 17th July, they were enquired by the S.P. in person and released around 11:00 AM. But when they reached back to the village, the police came again and arrested and took them and no one knew where they were taken.

Only in the evening around 5:00 PM it was known that they were in Chopan Police Station. They were then released around 5:15 PM. The SSP had ordered an enquiry and the complains were found false and baseless. The police had to take them back into custody because they learnt that a group of RSS affiliates were waiting to beat and abuse them in the village. Police took them into their custody and protected them.

Praise God for His protection of the missionaries and believers.

Pray for the continuous and rising opposition in Uttar Pradesh against the gospel work.

Pray that the church and missionaries may receive the needed grace, wisdom and strength to be witnesses amidst such opposition.

Pray for the eyes of understanding of the opposers and people in authority may open to see the truth and pray for their lives and the land to be transformed.

Source: gemsbihar.org

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