Detained by Police on false allegations of conversion, Uttar Pradesh

Detained by Police on false allegations of conversion, Uttar Pradesh

Br Neeraj

Bro. Neeraj James has been a follower of Jesus Christ for the past 9 years, a member of a Church in Haryana, ministered by Pastor Sumit Joshi

Working in Haryana, Bro. Neeraj was visiting his parents in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

During his stay, his mother requested him to visit her friend Sis. Sumitra, a believer, who lives around the area, to collect her telephone number.

So, on the morning of Saturday 17th August, he reached Sis. Sumatra’s home. There he met her physically challenged cousin who was there with her mother. Inspired to pray for the handicapped boy, Bro. Neeraj, prayed, invited them to visit the Church, saying that everybody was welcome.

Later, when he reached home, he received an unwelcome call. Introducing himself as a “BJP Leader”, he went on to shout and yell abuses, making false allegations, that he was involved in converting activities. He further threatened to get him arrested, since he alleged that Bro. Neeraj was receiving money to do this.

The BJP Leader demanded that Neeraj meet with him or wait for a call from the local Police Station.

Very perturbed and traumatized by the chain of events, Bro. Neeraj visited Sis. Sumitra’s home again, to find out what had led to this confrontation.

Apparently, the physically challenged boy, who works in a local company, had a requested for a day off from work. When he was quizzed as to why he needed the day off, the boy mentioned that he wanted to go to Haryana, to visit a Church to pray for his physical disability.

This exchange was mentioned to the Manager of the company, a BJP Leader, who dug deeper to find out that Neeraj was behind this.

Later, a mob of 2 dozen religious fanatics, cornered Bro. Neeraj, verbally assaulting and intimidating him. However, Sis. Sumitra and her family, saved him from the marauding mob. They categorically stated that at no point where they forced to attend the Church or prayers. Of their own account, they confessed that they believed that Jesus Christ would heal their physically challenged son.

Finally, the agitated fanatics left the home after further threatening them.

As the badly shaken Neeraj assumed it was safe to leave for his home, he was shocked to find the fanatics still lurking around the house. Eventually, when the Police arrived, he decided to leave. However, the ‘guardians of the law’, instead of protecting him, harassed and intimidated him further!

How much money are they paying you for the conversion?

How much land are they promising you?

Are they giving you a Christian woman to get married to?

Shocked and embarrassed by their line of questioning. Bro. Neeraj vehemently denied their allegations. Nevertheless, Inspector Prashant Mishr, took him to Medical Police Station and was further subjected to intensive and intrusive questioning, followed by threats and intimidating.

Disturbed that he had not returned home, Bro. Neeraj’s family member, Sis. Sumitra’s family members, local villagers known to the family gathered at the Police Station, demanding his release.

Bro. Neeraj was eventually released without any charges at 6.00 pm that day, after detention after 4 long and tense hours at the Police Station.

Church, please pray for Bro. Neeraj James and his family, Sis. Sumitra and her family, to continue to be steadfast in their faith.

In 2018, Persecution Relief has recorded 477 incidents of hate-crimes against Christians. Uttar Pradesh recorded 129 incidents.

In the first six months of 2019, we have recorded 208 incidents of hate crimes, with 39 cases from Uttar Pradesh alone.

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