Detained by Police for distributing Bible tracts, Andhra Pradesh

Detained by Police for distributing Bible tracts, Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh Police stopped around 400 believers from Hebron Church when they were distributing tracts at  Kesamudram Mandal of Warangal District in Andhra Pradesh.

Hebron Church believers had gathered from many districts of Andhra Pradesh and were distributing Bible Tracts. Travelling in a mini-truck, tract distribution had started early in the morning, as they moved from village to village.  However, around 12.30 pm, around 50-odd Religious fanatics, confronted and challenged them to stop the distribution. They accused them of indulging in religious conversion and sprinkled them with the redKumkum” powder (red vermillion powder worn by married Hindu women on their forehead); also used in the temples.

Police were alerted and the Christians were detained and vehicles confiscated. Eventually, Police intervened and negotiated a compromise between the Christians and the religious fanatics, before releasing them.

Pray that the world community will continue to pressure India to cease its religious repression. Pray that those who received the Bible tracks before this detention will read it and come to faith in Christ.

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