Deliberate arson attack at Pastors residence in MP

Pr Kapil Sharma, is a resident of Barwani District in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Pr Kapil and his family were all excited and looking forward to celebrate the birth of our Savior Lord Jesus Christ, who came to the world to save sinners.

He made a replica of the manger, depicting the nativity scene and birth of Jesus Christ. This was displayed just outside his home on the courtyard, made with a dry grass and bamboo. A lot effort, hard work and money was spent on this project. Above all, this brought immense joy to Pastor’s kids and to the children in the neighborhood.

On 23rd Dec., Pastor had gone out with his family at around 9:30 pm. On their return, to their utter shock and dismay, they arrived to see fire all around the manger. As they rushed to put out the flames, they spotted some youngsters running away from the crime scene.?

Pastor informed the Police who initially passed it off as fire caused due to short circuit malfunction. However, after investigation, Police confirmed that this was a deliberate arson attack.

Celebrating Christmas has become a crime in the free India – especially Madhya Pradesh being one of the worst states. An FIR has been lodged and Police have launched an investigation.

As narrated  by Pr Kapil to VOTC correspondent

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2 thoughts on “Deliberate arson attack at Pastors residence in MP”

  1. The Bible says that even the devil knows that JESUS CHRIST is The SON OF GOD.
    the lucifer was an angel and was proud of its beauty that it can become God and sit on the throne the thought it self caused it that it got kicked out of heaven
    Now the family of Lucifer the devil is already is on the earth who is torturing the Christians who follow JESUS there is no doubt about it all we can do is to sit ,watch and pray because what ever they are doing to torture Christians here on earth will reap it when they die in the lake of fire that time is not very far
    The Christians who suffered here on earth for Christ will give them The Crown as
    reward and a place in heaven
    PRAISE JESUS CHRIST who is the King of kings and Lord of lords who has the keys to heaven and hell

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