Death Threats made if ‘New Year’ Worship service conducted, Tamil Nadu


On Wednesday, 27th December, 2017, a mob of “Hindu Makkal Katchi” activists, around 15-18 in number, trespassed into Miracle Fellowship Church, during worship and demanded that worship be stopped. They threatened the Pastor for holding a worship service and made death threats if the New Year’s Worship Service was going to be held.

Pastor Arun Johnson, aged 56, have been pastoring at IMF International Miracle Fellowship Church, Chennimalai, Erode District, Tamil Nadu for the last 25 years.

A Hindu temple which is located on top of a hill is proximal to the Church which is the basis of this conflict. The fanatics are demanding that the Church be moved. The religious fundamentalists have met with the Revenue Inspector (RI), Chennimalai and make false allegations and accusation. Mr. Periyaswamy had summoned Pastor to his Office threatened Pastor with dire consequences if he continues to worship at the location.

As per the assurance given by the Honorable Home Minister of India. Rajnath Singh, for the security of Christian celebration nationwide and as per the Indian constitutional rights, Pastor Arun met with the Deputy Superintendent of Police, who has assured him and his congregation of protection.

By the grace and mercy of God, Sunday worship on 31st Dec. went ahead peacefully.
All glory to God.

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  1. People who do not want a better year, better love, better life, better religion and better country threat out of jealousy.

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