Death threats for worshipping Jesus Christ, Bihar


Bro. Raj Kumar Suman is a resident of village Mahetpur in Bhagalpur city, situated on the southern banks of the river Ganges, in the Indian state of Bihar. He has 2 sons- the oldest Krishna Kumar Suman assists his father while the younger son Gautam Kumar Suman, is a student of IPC Bible College in Chennai.


Bro. Krishna Kumar Suman, the oldest son, first came to faith in 2009 following which the entire family committed their life for Jesus Christ in 2012.

Bro. Raj Kumar Suman and 7 other Christian families are living in that village. Over the past few months, these families have been facing extreme persecution from the local villagers. Bro. Raj along with Pastor Sanjay and other members were beaten up around 5 months ago and a complaint was lodged. However, no action has been taken so far.

On Saturday 13/4/18, the villagers came armed with a pickaxe and made a huge drain just in front of the house of Bro. Raj Kumar. This was done to make living conditions difficult and inconvenient for the family. They have also diverted dirty Nallah’’ water to this ditch. Gautam’s family belongs to Harijan caste. From the time the family committed their lives to Jesus Christ in 2012,they have been facing acute opposition. The villagers are forcing them to recant their faith in Jesus Christ and return to their former religion and worship Kali Maa. They have threatened them with death if they are caught worship ping Jesus Christ in the village.

Bro. Gautam Kumar Suman, studying in Chennai, called Persecution Relief to brief about the entire incident. As his family is facing this crisis, he rushed back to his home at Bihar.  He also mentioned that together as a family, they are devoted Christians and will continue following Jesus whatever the consequences may be.

In spite of the threats, the family worshiped together on Sunday, 15th April, amid great fear and anguish, because they were being watched by the villagers. The well-armed villagers were in hiding, waiting to ambush and beat up any of the 7 believers who would dare to congregate and worship Jesus Christ. They dared not open their mouths tosing and praise God with freedom!

The brothers visited the 7 families in hiding and read a chapter from Bible, shared the Lords table. He had to carry the elements of the Lord’s table secretly. 

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Bro. Raj Kumar Suman mentioned that the families are so fearful and disappointed at the severe persecution of denying them the freedom to worship Jesus Christ.

Fellowship is one of the most integral part of Christianity were the believers come together. Worshiping the Lord in Spirit and Truth, breaking bread in remembrance of the suffering of Jesus Christ, are important for a Christian and the community.

While the Constitution gives every citizen the right to practice his or her faith and religion, a few religious fanatics have hijacked this fundamental right, alleging conversion charges and spreading fear, lies and hatred, polarizing the society.  Religion is a matter of personal faith, where the state should have no role to play.   Even though we are citizens of India, because of our faith in the living God and Saviour Jesus Christ, we are being treated as second-class citizens.

Church please remember to pray for several such Christians and families who are going through persecution daily, because of their faith in Jesus Christ.

Please also pray for the enemies of the gospel. While we pray for the good of our enemy, we pray that God would restrain their evil actions.

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  1. Lord of Heaven, Maker of Earth and Father of all Spirits, we ask relief for the family. This is a demon clustered region where they worship hundreds of deities. Please Father, place your mighty ones all around their house and guard them as they go about. Please, in the Holy name of Jesus take away all fear of the enemy and purify their fear of You. e ask you to demonstrate your power. Open up the enemies eyes to see your presence among them. Please strengthen the family to not retaliate in the face of persecution. Meet them in private and corporate worship in a deep and meaningful way that will build their confidence in you. Give them joy in the battle. Help them memorize scripture and learn to teach others that will be added to Your kingdom. Please provide all their needs in abundance. Give them wisdom to know what to say and do at each Moment Lord. Fill them to overflowing with your love and wisdom so that others will see You living in them. Don’t let them suffer sickness or breach of their testimony, please Father. Thank You for hearing our petition. In Jesus precious name, Amen.

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