Deaf Brother & Missionary beaten up in Bihar

Pr. Palanivelu, Zonal Superintendent with GEMS Mission organization called Persecution Relief today, 26/2/18, to inform that their Missionary & Co-worker, Bro. D. Joseph along with 13 believers were travelling on their way to Bettiah Camp Center from Bagaha.

During the bus journey, one of the passengers picked up an argument with the team on the selection of seats, which created a big ruckus in the bus. Without any relevance to the issue at hand, the Passenger who had affiliations with a religious fanatic group, started shouting and yelling at the believers, alleging that they were involved in conversion activities.

The irate passenger, alerted members of the fundamental group, and as soon as the bus reach Bettiah Bus station, a huge crowd of fanatics were waiting for the unsuspecting believers.

As Bro. D. Joseph and the rest of the believers, including sisters, got out of the bus & they started questioning him, shouting abuses and threats. This made the believers scared and they started praying to God. The fanatics isolated Bro. Joseph and another Bro. Baldev Singh, who is deaf, and brutally beat them up.

As the believers cried out for help, none of the passers by intervened to stop the brutal assault or enquire. The Traffic police hearing the cries tried to rescue them but was overpowered by the ruthless mob. Additional Police back-up was requested to get the situation under control

Bro. Joseph and Bro. Baldev were taken to the hospital & Police  recorded their statement. Police refused to file an FIR. However, an MLC (Medico Legal Case) was filed against unknown people.

Persecution Relief team spoke to the SP and SHO Mr. Nithyanand Chauhan. With the help of Police,  the situation was brought under control although no one has been arrested so far.  GEMS Associate General Secretary Dr. Ashok also went to the Police Station to sort out the issue.

Church earnestly pray for GEMS organisation, as they have been facing a lot of persecution over the past few months.

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4 thoughts on “Deaf Brother & Missionary beaten up in Bihar”

  1. Jesus, please help them Lord. Protect them. Let the people there see the glory of God. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is the Lord and Saviour. Give them strength and good health Lord. In Jesus name….. Amen.

  2. Lord Jesus is r our Refuge n Fortress n keep ur His angels charge ovr His ppl who r His beloved saints n sons of God n r covered by d blood of Jesus n r d Redeemed so no harm can come upon us as Jesus has givn His migty legion of angels charge ovr His chosen ppl all for His glory n honour in Jesus’ mighty n omnipotent name amen n amen

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