Cross vandalized, Jharkhand

Cross vandalized, Jharkhand

The Christian cross, seen as a representation of the instrument of the crucifixion of Jesus, is the best-known symbol of Christianity.

A concrete Cross is located at Binjpur village, on the State Highway, on the road leading to Salo Village,  in Garahwa District of Jharkhand. Religious fundamentalists  targeted this Cross and vandalized it. The desecration & vandalism of the Cross, installed some 3 years ago by the Roman Catholic Church, is just one among a series of recent incidents of vandalism involving Christian Institutions in different parts of the country. 

On Friday, 14th September, the villagers who were guarding the fields, claimed to have heard voices, around mid-night. Fearing trouble and conflict, they did not investigate the disturbance, only to find out in the morning, that the Cross had been vandalized.

Pastor Arjun Minz, informed  Persecution Relief about the hate crime and also highlighted about the previous 2  incidents.

In June 2018, 56/18, CNI Cemetry cross was vandalized at Bhandaria, one of the administrative blocks of Garhwa District, Jharkhand.

Similar attack was reported on 22 Nov. 2017, where a Cross was vandalized in the same area.

Christian Leaders have called for a meeting to address these rampant attacks. They allege that these incidents are being carried out in a targeted and motivated way. The Leaders add that the conversion rhetoric is often an incitement to crimes against Christians. 

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