Cross in cemetery Vandalized, Jharkhand

Cross in cemetery Vandalized, Jharkhand

Police are searching for suspects after a Cross was vandalized at the Church of North India (CNI), Cemetery at Bhandaria, one of the administrative blocks of Garhwa District, Jharkhand. This is the second such incident where earlier, the Cross was completely destroyed.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Bro. James Kujur briefed about the incident. He recalls waking up hearing an unusual noise late at night. Grabbing his torch, as he ran outside to investigate the disturbance, he claims to have caught sight of the group of unwelcome visitors running away, in the beam of his torch. Unsure what could have transpired, Bro. James retired for the night.

The next morning however, he found that the Cross installed in the Cemetery was vandalized and damaged.

Although the cemetery evokes sadness, for a Christian, it is also a sign of hope in God and His promise of everlasting life. For many, the Cemetery is considered a reverential place where families visit their loved ones.  Because of the blessed memories they invoke, grave sites of loved ones reflect an enduring remembrance for many.

Therefore, the desecration of the Cross at the Cemetery is being viewed as a hate crime, and an attempt to disturb communal harmony.

Bro. James recalled that a similar incident had occurred on the 22nd November 2017, where the Cross was completely vandalized. Although a Complaint was lodged, no one was apprehended.

Church, please pray for peace, for healing of bitterness in our communities and our Nation.

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