Cremation Facilities for Christians in Delhi


Shri.Arvind Kejiriwal

Hon’ble Chief Minister

GNCT Delhi, Delhi
Sub: Cremation Facilities for Christians in Delhi
Respected Sir,
Greetings to you . Indeed we said a prayer for you today  as you deal with many hard issues of life and death due to Corona Virus. I am sure that we would be able to overcome this pandemic together.

I am writing this letter on behalf of Christian community in Delhi due  to a great public importance and being a person who  had occasions to deal with many issues of many  Christians in the city . As you would be aware that there is a great difficulty to find burial places in Delhi for Christians due to paucity of land in our city. The existing cemeteries are almost full and It has become very difficult to find places for burial  for Christians in the state of Delhi in the event of a death.

Considering the many Christian congregations has reconciled to this fact and have started cremating the dead bodies even though its not a normal practice according to their faith practices. Thus alternate modes of body disposal has been initiated these days. We have many recent cases including the last rites of  Late Ms .Lilly Thomas, Advocate of Supreme Court , Late  Kurian A ,a leading architect  were all cremated in Delhi as there was no immediate availability of burial spaces in Delhi. Even our grand mother Ms.Annie Alexander was cremated few years back.  I was personally present in these cremations  and felt a lack of facilities for cremation as per rites and rituals of Christian faith and practices in the cremation grounds as on date. Cremation even though is not an accepted practice according to rites and rituals of Christian groups and denominations  but has become the need of the hour. Considering the pandemic season we may be faced with a situation where the number of dead bodies to laid to rest may increase.

The cremation facilities available in the state is providing facilities for only the Hindu community according to their faiths and practices. The Christian community is also open for cremation as mode of  disposal of bodies during recent times. This letter is to request you to make suitable arrangements in the cremation grounds for offering prayers and last rites for the Christian community. Once such proper facilities are constructed in these cremation grounds more and more Christians would be willing to do cremation instead  of burial for their loved ones. As a  lawyer I am approached by many members of my religious community  to prepare their last and final WILL and this also can be incorporated in the same and informed to the church authorities.

Even though it’s a permanent need of the state , it would be ideal if a place in the cremation ground is designated for prayers before the  cremation of non-Hindus where the last rites, prayers etc can be offered before the internment.

Hope you will instruct the concerned department to make the required facilities  for offering prayers and last rites in all the cremation grounds in the GNCT Delhi.

Wish you all good health  and God’s counsel as you lead this State.

Yours faithfully,


Adv.Manoj V.George

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