Constitution’s focus on secularism a uniting factor

‘Constitution’s focus on secularism a uniting factor’

TNN | Updated: May 28, 2018, 00:11 IST

Thrissur: Supreme Court judge Kurien Joseph on Sunday said Indian Constitution, with its emphasis on secularism, has played a crucial role in uniting India which had inherited amazing diversities. 

“Indian Constitution is an extremely inclusive and comprehensive document. It guarantees the freedom to profess, practice and propagate any religion. The fundamental rights to equality as well as to life and liberty are guaranteed by the Constitution even to those visiting India,” Justice Joseph said.

He made these observations while inaugurating an eight-day lecture series organized as part of the 80th birthday celebrations of George Menachery, who has made important contributions as an anthropologist, Indologist, as well as historian of the Syro-Malabar Church and of Kerala. 

He said India welcomed all religions. This was possible because the people here could recognize the contributions those religions could make to enrich its culture. Some believe that Christians are aliens who settled here. This is not true, Christians are natives who have made important contributions in nation building, he said. 

Educationist Chithran Namboodirippad, Assyrian Church metropolitan Mar Aprem, former speaker Therambil Ramakrishnan, and Thiruvambady devaswom president M Madhavankutty spoke on the occasion.


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