Commissioner of Police Sanjay Barve meets Cardinal Gracias and other Christian leaders today

Commissioner of Police Sanjay Barve meets Cardinal Gracias and other Christian leaders today

The Christian community under the leadership of Cardinal Oswald Gracias had a very cordial and informative meeting with the Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjay Barve and other senior police officers in the light of the recent Church attacks in Srilanka.

During the discussions the Commissioner of Police assured the Cardinal and other Christian leaders that the Mumbai Police in its capacity to maintain safety and security are more than committed and prepared to protect the city and the churches.

The Commissioner of Police was also accompanied by several senior officers viz. Jt. CP(L&O) Vinay Choube , Jt.CP(Crime)Ashutosh Dumbare and other senior officers who gave an audio visual presentation on the various security gadgets and apparatus that the community would need to avail itself  given the increasing acts of terror worldwide.

There was an overall consensus that though the acquisition of such facilities involves costs, human lives are nevertheless more important.

To ensure that there would be better coordination on security, the Police Commissioner also gave an assurance that he will assign one nodal police officer for each of the 13 zones to interact and coordinate with the church leaders on the different aspects of security in their respective jurisdictions. He also assured that churches will be given protection during Sunday church services and extra vigil will be maintained .

The Mumbai Police is also willing to help all the churches which have a high traffic to do a security audit and will suggest measures for enhanced security . It was also suggested that churches that need enhanced vigilance can take paid security from Maharashtra Security Corporation a government agency that has a well trained combat outfit rather than from private security companies who are not equally competent.

It was also unanimously decided that all churches should assign a team of atleast two youth who can maintain extra vigil especially towards the new people who come unaccompanied as the ushers do the welcoming.

The Christian community thanks the Mumbai Police and it’s hands on Commissioner for assuring the community of the full support to it and sharing details on how to be safe and avoid any untoward incidents.

Dr.Abraham Mathai

President-Indian Christian Voice

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