COG Church main gate removed by fanatics

Latest Update- at 5.00 pm  

Persecution Relief has been informed that the BJP Leaders have met with COG Church Leaders and apologized for the violation of trespassing into the Church property. All the flags that were planted have been removed. Both parties have sought to resolve any differences amicably through discussion.


COG Church main gate removed by fanatics

The Church of God (Full Gospel) in India has a branch Church in Kumbanad, Kerala, established in 1922 by Mr Robert. F. Cook. The Church has had possession of the property since then.


The main gate of the Church building  was forcibly removed by a group of fanatics belonging to a particular political party and they also planted flags of their party.

The matter was under ‘sub judice’ –  the hearing was scheduled for tomorrow in the Court.

Persecution Relief Founder spoke to Pastor C.C. Thomas, Overseer, who has confirmed this matter and has also informed the Police who have assured all help.

Pastor C. C. Thomas has requested for the Church to pray for the resolution of the matter.

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5 thoughts on “COG Church main gate removed by fanatics”

  1. If all the Christians lift up the voice to the maker of heaven and earth then their would be no problem at all persecution is a must for the church to grow but let the voice rise up like a fountain night and day

  2. Kumbanad is a Christian village. Years ago I was told there were no non Christians in that village. Even those who worked in the barber shop (non Christian) came from outside. There was hardly any crime reported from that village….
    Most of the Christians belong to Mar Thoma, Pentecostal or Brethren churches….all are peace loving people…
    How come this has happened in a church which is located in the Main Road….??

  3. It reminds us that we need to pray as the early church prayed when persecution brokeout.
    Nothing is impossible with our Lord, but in such situation we want to see people come to know the Lord.

  4. Playing with God’s people is going to be hazardous for the fanatic party. Let God intervene and his people be silent. This party is not going to be in power for long. God who judged, Balshazar and Herod is on the Throne above all earthly thrones.

  5. Early days there was a prayer culture among Kumbanad Pentecostals. That’s why many apostles went from here and influenced nations. These day’s it is just shadow of the good old days when God literally moved. It’s time to stop boasting on forefathers legacy. If there is fire no flies or insects will dare to come. If they come then they will taste God’s wrath. So it’s church duty to make sure that we are moving with God’s fire inside us. Then no world can harm God’s people.

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