Church walls ‘desecrated’ by vandals, Tamil Nadu



Choolai is a developed residential town in Central Chennai in Tamil Nadu.  Located in the heart of this town is St. Paul’s Church, one of the oldest Anglican Churches, built in 1853, during the British era.

Recently, the boundary walls of St. Paul’s Church were painted with Bible verses. However, Church goers were shocked when they arrived for worship service to see their church vandalized with the ‘paint’ thrown on the Bible verses.

That this could happen, in the heart of the city of Chennai, at Hunter’s Road, Vepery, close to the Vepery Police Station, is even more shocking.

Church, pray that God’s Word will bring unity and peace and not discord and hatred.

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  1. Western countries are liberal in allowing other religions to establish and practice their religion e.g.USA UK UAE why is that since the past 4 years it has become very prominent in India ? It’s the Central and State Goverment to answer this we all need an answer ? Which ever religion we may belong.

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