Church vandalized, Andhra Pradesh

Church vandalized, Andhra Pradesh

A House Church in Andhra Pradesh, has been completely destroyed in an act of “utter vandalism”.

“Look unto Jesus” where Pastor Jeeves Merari ministers, was completed vandalized, with the damage running to lakhs of rupees.

On 20th June, Pastor Jeeves Merari had gone to the Church, which is located a few kilometers from his residence, and shocked to see the Church, destroyed into a pile of rubble.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, a very distraught Pastor said,

“When I arrived to Church this morning, I didn’t believe what I was seeing. It was just utter and complete destruction,” he said.

“I have been worshiping in this place for the past 1year and had a temporary structure”.

This is my own private land which I purchased and registered in 2014 at village Pulaganipalem, Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

The Church made with bricks, bamboo and palm thatched roof, was ripped from its fixings and completely destroyed. All the musical instruments were broken, electrical fittings destroyed

“We had a similar attack in April 2017. The Church roof was made of Asbestos sheets. I had lodged a complaint at the local Police Station at Pendurthi, but no action had been taken against the culprits. Now, emboldened, the criminals have attacked again”.

Again, I have registered a complaint with the Police. It is alleged that the perpetrator is a known ‘land grabber and a local goonda (thug), by the name of Gompa Raju, who has vandalized the Church.

Attacks on sacred worship places of Christians – Churches and House Churches across Tamil Nadu, are on the rise.

Church, please lift up in fervent prayer.

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