Church Service disrupted by religious fanatics, Bihar

Church Service disrupted by religious fanatics

Pastor Christopher Bhonsle ministers at Mahanaim Church in Begusarai, Bihar. Worship started at 9:00 AM and around 150 believers were listening to the Word.

At around 12:45 pm, Police along with religious fanatics entered the sanctuary and demanded that they stop the Worship service. Pastor Christopher was adamant and said that he will not stop until he finished sharing the Word.

Pastor Aby Mathew, Indian Mission, was the guest speaker and the fanatics started shouting and yelling and demanding that the Pastor stop the service. Worship service was stopped by police. However, the believers stood in one accord and they continued praising and worshiping the Lord. Later, the Police and the radicals left the venue.

In the evening, Police contacted Pastor asking him to produce the tax returns copy. Clearly, the intention is to harass and intimidate him.

Pastor Christopher has faced many attacks in the past and was also beaten up. He is a man of God, a true leader, humble and strong-willed – determined to continue to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ against all odds.

Church, please pray for Pastor and the congregation  “not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good”.

Pray for greater freedom for Christians to practice their faith openly without hindrance and intimidation from religious fundamentalists and local administration officials.

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5 thoughts on “Church Service disrupted by religious fanatics, Bihar”

  1. Who is police to ask for income tax papers go to Lalu yadavs party or congress , or any political party or ask any advocate for advice

  2. Every part of this country we need to stand United irrespective of denominations and strongly oppose these fanatics then they will leave by themselves. If needed make a alliance with religious education minorities of that area and secular majority people too and resist them . Secondly never go to police station and always file complaint in the court. Police has no right to ask tax return copy and ask them the legally supported documents for the same and let them know it will be produced when it is required . Media coverage and social network coverage and every foreign embassies should be made awareness of such religious persecutions . So that government will come to know about its responsibility to protect its people beyond religious lines.

  3. Very sorry to hear that worship service got disturbed. Praying for the church and its surrounding to be sealed in His blood and also that area to experience the Love of God. Is it police right to ask tax return copy ?

  4. We praise God for the congregation who in one accord stood for the Lord and worshipped Him. Churches must become more faithful and united so the power of darkness cannot shake the church. We pray and praise God for pastor

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