Church meeting violently shut down with Police as mute spectators:


Pastor Amit Tirkey of Mighty Gospel Mission has been ministering for the last 6 years at Hurhuri Panchayat, Ratu Block, Ranchi, Jharkhand. Worship service takes place at the residence of a Bro. Mangal Munde, and around 80 believers gather for every Sunday.

In the last one-week, religious fanatics have been harassing and making death threats, asking Pastor to stop conducting the worship service.

On the 21st December, a mob of religious fundamentalist illegally trespassed into Bro. Mangal Munde’s house. They hoisted a flag in the Courtyard – which belongs to the local Swarna Tribe – and declared that no one should remove or touch the flag. The religious fundamentalists were using the tribal cause to instigate and create disharmony with the Christians in the village.

To address this standoff, an internal meeting was called by the Pastor on the 23rd December. All members of the Church were invited. Police and the local administration were also informed about this gathering. Surprisingly, this mob of religious fanatics also turned up just in time for the meeting! The mob beat the believers indiscriminately, broke the sound system, chairs etc.

Although the Police were present, the guardians of the law did nothing but were mute spectators. No firm action was taken on the perpetrators and the meeting was forcibly closed by the Police.

Church, please pray for justice and God’s peace to reign in this tense situation.

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6 thoughts on “Church meeting violently shut down with Police as mute spectators:”

  1. I don’t know why we the body of Christ have to be mute about our constitutional rights in our country.
    Should it have been others – they would have various means to address this barbarism that is meeted our to the believers. Use v must – through Media, Organisations, representations etc.

    1. Exactly.. just cannot fathom why the body of not able to use wisdom to stop the atrocities on our fellow believers..
      The Word says ” be wise as a serpent and innocent as a dove..” we operate only the latter part ! This has given these lumped elements a handle to brow beat believers into submission.
      Take the case of Israel.. they have created International opinion against their hostile neighbours. They have equipped themselves for self protection..
      We may say this is all Old Testament teachings.. then we should not pray for Israel..
      Our hiding behind the facade of ” turning the cheek ” is nothing but cowardice..

    1. We must hire the best of lawyers.. create a fund for that.. ( I know money smells trouble ) set up a Christian Seva Sangh ..and create a strategy to counter this menace..

  2. Can we put our these problems in front of superim court, because it has been seen in money cases that police also not help us because of local minister or due to this government policies, this type of painful problems everyday are happening in across the country.

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