Church forcefully shut down by fanatics,Telangana

Church forcefully shut down by fanatics,Telangana

Ullas Shreedharan is a passionate Christian missionary who hails from Kerala. Ullas and his wife are both teachers. They work at a public school in a village called Indervelly which is situated in the Adilabad district of the Indian state of Telangana.

Since his first encounter with Jesus Christ in 2015, Ullas has been growing closer to the Lord with a burning desire to do something for him. This great hope to serve God has a powerful testimony behind it.

Ullas and his wife were married in 2006. Since the day they were legally wed, there were only fights and arguments. There was absolutely no peace, which finally caused them to file for a divorce.

At that time, Ullas’ wife who was living separately, struggled physically and mentally. Their first child was 1.5 years old,  and she had almost lost her senses, someone told her about the healing power of  Jesus who can change any situation. She was prayed over and was healed miraculously.

She also received a prophecy that everything will soon be well in her life. Soon their relationship began to heal too and on 28-06-10 they withdrew the divorce case and started living together, confirming the prophecy over her life.

In 2013 they shifted to Andhra Pradesh in pursuit of a new life together. But soon after the move, Ullas’wife fell seriously ill with jaundice and malaria. The doctor said that she had a very slim chance of survival. A few believers then came and prayed for her and the same night she was completely healed!After that day she wholly surrendered her life to Jesus and received Water Baptism.

As told to Persecution Relief, Ullas was still not  a committed Christian, but witnessing the wonderful changes in his wife’s life, he soon began to believe in Jesus and received Water Baptism.  This step of faith even turned his parents against him and they rejected him as their son. But these challenges never stopped him.

Ullas soon felt God leading his family to Telangana, where they currently live and work.

Ullas and his family readily shared the love of Christ by praying for the sick and befriending people in the village. Many sick were healed after they prayed and more wanted to know about Jesus. So they decided to start a church where all were welcome to experience Gods love and power but they did not have a place to gather together.

One of the fellow Christians, namely Mr.Vijay offered to lease his property to Ullas. Very excited about the opportunity, Ullas and his wife, who had painstakingly saved around 2.5 lacs, decided to construct a building on the property where they could gather to pray and worship. Without wasting any time, they begun working and within 3 months, a building of brick and tin was constructed.

On Friday 1/11/19, the building was  inaugurated. The Church was called The Christian Revival Ministry of India (C. R. M. I)

Ullas and his family invited all the school teachers, staff and their friends.  Ullas who taught grade 7, was also congratulated by his students, who inquisitively asked If they could come.  He gladly agreed.

The inauguration event of the church went very well. The students also came to see what was happening but stayed for only ten minutes and left.

The following Sunday they had a wonderful worship service with  around 50 people in attendance. Ullas and his wife who were so pleased at how God had worked decided to pray with their 2 children regularly at the church for an hour between 7pm to 8pm.  “As usual we were praying on  5/11/19 when suddenly around 8 people got into our church hall and  started hurling insults at us” said Ullas. His wife and children who were terrified with the shouting and yelling began to cry. These people who were very aggressive then started questioning Ullas, “why have you come here ?  Have you come to convert the villagers and the school children? Was this your intention of coming here?

They warned Ullas against having any more Christian meetings, telling him to go back to Kerala. After threatening them they left.

The following day while Ullas was conducting his class the school administration called him in. When he went there, he found the same religious fanatics sitting and arguing with the principal about him  being removed from the school.

They accused him of inviting the children with a hidden agenda of converting them. But that morning, when Ullas asked the students why they left so quickly,  they replied saying that they had asked their parents if they could go to the church function only hoping that they would get the permission to go out and instead, play some cricket. So they planned to go for a little while to the church and then go to play.

The fanatics then forced  Ullas to immediately vacate the church premises and clear out all the equipment and materials that were kept inside. “Do you want to run the church or do you want to be a school teacher?”said one man. “If you want to be a teacher then you cannot run a church here otherwise we will send you back, we will not allow you to run any church in this Village”said another .

Succumbed by the pressure he was put under, Ullas and his wife ultimately removed all the things from the church and sadly even took down the Church board that was fixed outside.

Speaking to the head of CRMI, Bishop Sujit James said “we are very concerned, the only thing we can do is to go to the feet of God with prayers. We know nothing is impossible with our Lord and the Bible tells us that the battle belongs to our Lord.”

That being said, it is our duty as fellow believers to pray for the many Church’s that are forcefully being closed down regularly across india. We hope and pray that the church would rise up and pray in unity for all those who bare the brunt of this injustice.

This week Sunday Worship was not allowed ultimately Pastor Ullas and his family just prayer together at their residence, Please pray for the reopening of the Church.

Persecution Relief has recorded 330 incidents of hate crime against Christians in 2016, 440 incidents in 2017, 477 incidents in 2018 and till September 2019 we have recorded 349 incidents of Christian Persecution against Christians  in India.

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