Church Forced to Stop Worship Services

Church Forced to Stop Worship Services

On the morning of Sunday, 04th February, while the congregation of 30 believers of El Shaddai Church, Telangana, were engaged in the Worship service, a mob of religious fundamentalists trespassed into the Church, shouting slogans and abuses, demanding that the community stop their religious worship activities.

Pastor Isaac Peter has been pastoring El Shaddai Church for the past 10 years, at Rajanna Sircilla District, in Telangana. Originally from a different religion, he had a miraculous personal encounter with Jesus Christ 20 years ago. The incident transformed his life that he committed to become a disciple of Jesus Christ.

As always, for the past one year, around 30 believers gather for Sunday Worship Service at this rented place. Worship started at 11 a.m. and around 12 noon, while the meeting was in progress, a mob of religious fundamentalists trespassed into the Church. Using intimidation and threats of beating, the mob forced the worshippers to leave the premises. They made the Pastor lock the premises and leave the area.

By the grace and mercy of God, the Believers moved to another location and continued the worship service.

El Shaddai Church represent another alarming example of India’s growing intolerance, leaving the community vulnerable to attacks by hard-liners.

Church pray that God would intervene to protect His people, to protect their religious right to worship Him. Pray for next week’s worship service, that God would open doors and remove every hindrance in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

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8 thoughts on “Church Forced to Stop Worship Services”

  1. We are with you in prayers. Let’s pray that the Lord would give them the understanding capacity and turn to Lord one day.

  2. Very very unfortunate incident! But be happy, yor reward is in heaven. Don not dismay, this is to be the nature while we are living here on earth thinking that thousand christians across India are praying for you! God bless yu, encoursge and give you mentsl n spiritual peace n comfort in Jesus our Saviour’s great name Amen.

  3. My prayer is with you all. The devil can never really stop the work of the Lord. The fire of the faith of the devoted christians had never been extincguished since the birth of christianity no matter what the force is. Such kind demonic force will simply make the fire of faith grow more and more under the power of the Holy Spirit, to the surprise of the enimies of the Lord. God will definitely be with you and open a greater door for you.

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