Church fears continued alcohol fueled vandalism, Tamil Nadu

Church fears continued alcohol fueled vandalism, Tamil Nadu

In an attempt to desecrate the religious place of worship and belittle the religious sentiments of the Christian community, a group of religious fanatics, vandals and thugs, assembled in front of a Church, while service was in session, having alcohol consuming sessions.

After the death of Pastor Enoch, Sis. Selvi Mary has been leading the Methia Blessing Prayer House in Palladam village, Tirupur District, Tamil Nadu. Around 20 believers gather every Sunday for Worship Service

On Sunday, 25th November 2018, while worship service was in progress, a few religious fanatics and local villagers, trespassed into this private property and sat outside the main-door of the church.

They littered the front of the Church with empty beer bottles and cans, in an apparent protest and threat to Sis. Selvi and the congregation, whom they falsely accused of being involved in conversion activities. They even broke one bottle liquor throwing it to the wall, in an effort to intimidate them.

The terrified congregation were unsure how to react as the vandals threatened to kill anybody coming out of the Church.

Women, especially widows, face major life challenges when they are at their most vulnerable.

Speaking to the Founder of Persecution Relief, Pastor Daniel informed about the incident.

He recalled that when they went to the local Palladam Police Station to report this incident, the Police were unresponsive and refused to accept their application. They were asked to return on the 28th of November.

“The Police are not sympathetic to what you’re going through, especially if you are a Christian”.

“All we received were assurances which clearly are not enough, to prevent further such threats and attacks”, said Pastor Daniel.

The actions of Policemen who are derelict in their duties to protect citizens of the country, impacts the victims and also leads to offenders becoming brazen and continuing to act with impunity.

Church, pray for Sis. Selvi as she confronts these challenging times, that God will be her comfort and guide, and help her make wise decisions.

Pray that she might find favour with the Administration and the local villagers, to continue serving the Lord faithfully.



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