Church construction stopped, Tripura

Evangelist Davis, affiliated to the Brethren Assembly, Tripura, India, has requested for prayer support.

In the month of March 2018, we had reported about the hardship the ministry was facing in the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ, in  Sepahijala District of Tripura.

2 months later, there is still resentment looming against the Christian missionaries who the local claims are luring the tribals and inducing them to convert to Christianity. Local Church leaders continue to raise concerns about growing number of attacks and intolerance against the Christian minorities.

Though facing various trials, trouble and discouragements, the Lord continues to prosper the ministry by adding of souls to the Church. However, the ministry lacks a good infrastructure and a place to Assemble. Recently, many doors of rental properties have been shut which has left them discouraged.  Even praying and assembling in their own private property, which had been a center of many activities in the past, are being hindered. They are being threatened and intimidated with armed violence. As they face Sunday after Sunday, they are uncertain about where to assemble and conduct their worship service.

Though the ministry has around 8-cents of land of their own and have procured all the building materials to start the construction work, they continue to face challenges, denying permission and approval for the construction of the prayer hall.

Several petitions have been made to representatives in the local government yet nothing has been fruitful.

They solicit our prayerful participation.

Church, please pray:

  • Pray that God’s words of “life” will sooth their souls, calms their spirits and give power to face all uncertainties in this hostile environment
  • Pray that the ministry will see the fruit of their labour and hard work, in Jesus Christ.
  • Pray that these servants of God will be challenged to rededicate and continue the work and live faithfully for the glory of the God.

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  1. The Lord is using dispite of persecution and raising up the local leaders to fulfill the work of the gosple in Tripura.However we need your support of prayers.

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