Church building work hindered

Church building work hindered

Jesus said: “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them …. John 6:44

Pr Sandeep Singh was drawn to Jesus Christ by the Father and he accepted Jesus Christ in 2010. Even though born and raised in Thakur high class family, at the appointed time he became a child of God. Filled with great enthusiasm and desire, his only aspiration was to share the Jesus Christ with his family and villagers.

He decided to build a worship & residential  place in his own land so that all the villagers could come and worship in Spirit and truth. The place was almost ready and A sign board was placed, so that people would come to know about this place of worship. However, all his efforts to share the love of Christ were foiled when religious fanatics categorically told him  that he would not be allowed to worship Jesus Christ in the village.

Pastor Sandeep and family are very disappointed and saddened that even though they are citizens of India and have all the rights to practice their faith just like other citizens, he is being ostracized by his own community and village.

Unable to contain the marvelous love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, Pastor and his family have moved out of the village to Pune. Currently, he is serving as a Pastor with ‘New Beginning Christ Church’, sharing the Great Redeemer’s love.

His ultimate desire is to go back and serve Jesus on his own private property, in the village of his birth in Madhya Pradesh state. Pastor Sandeep has a great burden for the land of his birth and the villagers of Piproher and is fervently praying that the Lord would open a door for the gospel to come in. The present condition in Madhya Pradesh is so volatile that it is ranked Number 4 in terms of number of persecution incidents recorded in India. Christians in this state are facing intense harassment and disruption of their worship services as an ongoing campaign by Hindu militants against so-called ‘forced conversions’.

Pastor called Persecution Relief and expressed his desire to go back to his village and serve. Persecution Relief has connected him with a Mission Organisation to explore every means of resuming sharing the good news in his village.

Church, pray that God would make a way for worship services to start in the village of Piproher, for the villagers to have the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, and many would know Him as their Saviour.

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3 thoughts on “Church building work hindered”

  1. Very Sad Reminds me of the Song..I have decided to follow Jesus No turning Back..God who called pastor Sandeep and sanctified him will Glorify him for his Glory ..Will pray for Free flow of the Gospel to every corner if the World..Will continue to pray for faithful ones like him..Yet Again its Madhya Pradesh..The evil dark forces dangerous and deterimental l to India oDear parents, I am pleased to inform you that we have taken several safety measures to ensure the safety of our children at Bishop Cotton Boys’ School. Some of these measures are as follows: 1). Child protection committee functioning. 2).More CCTV cameras installed. 3). Vigilance officers – monitoring student. 4). Corporal punishment forbidden. 5). Two seminars conducted for all teaching & administrative staff on child protection. 6). Organizing seminar for all maintenance and support staff on child safety and child abuse on 17th February 2018. 7). 18 Security guards constantly looking after the campus. 8). Separate toilets for staff and students. 9). GPS tracking in our buses. 10). High standard of hygiene being maintained in our canteen and boarding. 11). Well-equipped medical centre with the qualified nurses12). Two ambulances. 13). Doctors on call. 14). Philomena’s hospital used for emergencies. 15). Students (NCC, scouts etc), staff and security, help regulate traffic on Residency road and Lavelle road during peak hours. 16). Several placards forbidding bullying & ragging displayed on campus.17). Student counselors – from PRINCIPAL BCBSur Community and Peaceful Coexistence of people are at work..Resist the devil and the devil must flee in the Power in Jesus Name..We must rise together and prayerfully resist…

  2. Don’t worry. Prayer is the most powerful weapon. God will surely show you some way to proclaim his name in your own town.
    Hoping in the Lord

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