Church building and body of deceased Sister burned by religious fundamentalists, J&K

The above Church building was burned

Pastor (* name withheld due to security reasons) had been pastoring Sehal Christ Church, which is affiliated to FMPB. This Church is located at Sehal Village, Seri Panchayat, Nowshera, which is in Rajouri District, of Jammu region in Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Over 15 Rajput believers attend this Church.

Sis. Seema Devi, who comes from a Rajput family, had committed her life to Christ over 2 year ago and was a regular member of the Church along with her husband Bro. Rinku Kumar.

A few days after her marriage, Sis. Seema Devi fell very sick. She was brought to the Church for prayers after which she recovered. A couple of weeks ago, she fell sick again. This time, her husband decided to take her to Jalandhar, to the Church that he belonged to before marriage, to be prayed over by his Pastor.

They left for Jalandhar on the 11th of January and after prayers, she appeared completely recovered. Tragically, on the 15th of January, she breathed her last. Her husband brought her back to Jammu for the burial. Sis. Seema Devi’s parents & local villagers on hearing this news, accused the Christian believers for causing her death.

Once the religious fanatics got wind of this news, more than 300 of them came attacked and vandalized the Church. They broke the doors and windows and the Christians in the Church were all indiscriminately beaten, who ran off into the nearby jungles to escape the brutality.

Local Christian leaders spoke to Senior Police officials and a team of policemen were rushed to the scene. The villagers and local fundamentalists were threatening to burn Sis. Seema Devi’s husband as well in the same house.

Head of the Jammu and Kashmir Region, FMPB, spoke to the Founder, Persecution Relief. He briefed Founder on the situation that in spite of strong Police presence, the religious fundamentalists have set the Church on fire. They have also burned the body of Sis. Seema Devi in front of the Church. The situation is very volatile and tense at the moment.

Founder spoke to the Superintendent of Police (SP). Because of the large number of fanatics who had descended in the area, Police were mere spectators to this senseless arson.

Church pray for the situation there – Pray that God’s peace would descend upon this location. Pray for divine protection and safety of the Pastors, Bro. Rinku, and the members of the Church.


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18 thoughts on “Church building and body of deceased Sister burned by religious fundamentalists, J&K”

    1. Jesus also came for them, died and rose again on third day. Jesus never gave us an authority to curse people, but teaches us to forgive and pray for the enemies. I’m sorry to see your comment.

  1. Oh Lord have mercy upon these fanatics.

    We should initiate legal action also against these culprits. One should not be permitted to take law in his hand.

  2. Ever since the Modi govt came to power, fanatical elements appear to have become emboldened to take law into their own hands and terrorise innocent people who belong to religious minority groups. May God Almighty protect His people from harm and harassment, in Jesus’s name, Amen.

  3. Praying that the believers may not be deterred by such persecution. May God forgive these fanatics for they do not know who they are fighting against.

  4. Where is Brother Rinku? Is he in jail?

    How about other Christians? Are they in jail? Where are they?

    Will they have a trial?

    Intercessor in Jeshua HaMessiah

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