Christmas programs targeted by religious fanatics

Pr Ramesh Bhalekar, 24 years of age has been working with IET in Bediya Village, Barwah Tehsil in Khargone District of Madhya Pradesh State since 2013.

On 20/12/17, Pastor was conducting a crusade where about 300 people, mostly from Nimari tribe came to hear about Jesus. As the meeting started, a mob of religious fanatics surrounded the meeting place and demanded to stop the meeting. They heckled and pushed Pastor Ramesh and it went on till the meeting was eventually closed. Latter Bro. Mangilal, a believer for the last 18 months, changed sides and joined the fanatics because of pressure and threats. Few more believers also turned hostile and they were asking Pastor Rakesh to come back as the fanatics are waiting to beat him up. The Town Inspector (TI) Mr. Rajesh has also asked Pastor to come to the Police Station at 9:30 am tomorrow.

Church fast and pray for the Persecuted & Persecutors

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7 thoughts on “Christmas programs targeted by religious fanatics”

  1. There are TWO suggestions to deal with such situations. 1st -is lawful suggestion & the 2nd one is unlawful. Choice is yours.
    1. Lawful:- As soon as any religious fanatic enter in your premises with the intentions to attack or bodily harm, and there is no time to get police protection then do not spare them, give them good threshing. You have all the Legal right for private defense. Trespassing is a big offence , meanse if any one enter in your premises without permission, he has committed an offence of trespassing which is a big crime.
    So do not be afraid use your right of private defense.

    2nd suggestion which is unlawful will be given after receiving the feedback of suggestion number -1.

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