Christians threatened for worshipping Jesus Christ

Pastor Barelal Raj has been ministering with Sharon Fellowship Church, Betul, Madhya Pradesh for the past 9 years.

On Sunday, 28 January 2018, as always, nearly 150 believers had gathered to worship. As the sermon was being preached, around 20 religious fundamentalists stormed into the house church, sitting among the congregation and appeared to be listening to the message. After a few minutes however, they demanded that the Pastor stop the meeting. They got hold of the Sarpanch (Village Head Man) and complained to him about the conversion activities that the Pastor was allegedly involved in.
The Sarpanch took the side of the fanatics claiming that the Christians were converting villagers and demanded that the meeting be stopped. He also warned them not to hold prayer meetings in the future.

The believers however, emboldened by the Spirit of God, stood up to object to these allegations. They claimed that the decision to follow Jesus Christ was their own and not out of coercion. They declared that they had miraculous deliverance from praying to Jesus – from sickness, from poverty, from addition, from depression. They declared that they will continue to worship Jesus Christ as long as they live.

“Do whatever you like, we are not going to leave Christ at any cost,” the congregants said.

Local leaders interceded and a semblance of peace and normalcy has returned to this village. They have been warned not to gather to worship in the future.

Christians living in the villages of India are facing twin threats from police who are barring them from worshiping and religious fundamentalists who are threatening to brutalize and kill them.

Church, please pray for the safety of Christians in India and also pray for our Persecutors.

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2 thoughts on “Christians threatened for worshipping Jesus Christ”

  1. Worship of Christ among the Indian Christians is a right guaranteed under the constitution and no one has a right to prevent the Christians followers from doing so.
    The Government authorities concerned should put an immediate end to this atrocious behaviour by fundamental elements. We the followers of The Christian faith appeal to the concerned authorities to put end to the anti-christian elements from harrasing the law-abiding and peace loving Christians alone.

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