Christians threatened and intimidated while evangelizing, Tamil Nadu

Christians threatened and intimidated while evangelizing, Tamil Nadu


Translation from Tamil

Religious fundamentalists:

“You have converted and become a Christian. Go and talk to the Christians.

Don’t come and talk to us. Why have you come to the Hindu areas?

Did Jesus ask you to come here?

Did Jesus ask you to go into the interior villages and speak?

God is in heaven. Why don’t you go there?

Shall we pour 2 liters of petrol and set you alight and send you to heaven? “


We have come here to talk about the love of God only.

It is common nowadays, for Christians, in the full glare of media, to be terrorized and bullied by religious fundamentalists groups.

Church, pray for God’s supernatural grace and courage for men and women of God to continue to spread the gospel, with discernment and wisdom.

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