Christians threatened and harassed in Kerala

Christians threatened and harassed, falsely accused of converting Hindus to Christianity, Kerala

India’s Christians have witnessed repeated attacks over the past few years often accusing them of forcing or luring Hindus and tribal people into converting to Christianity. Religious fundamentalists, threaten Christians with violence and expulsion from their jobs and homes, thus intimidating and spreading fear culture to achieve their agenda.

Pastor Shaju. P has been ministering at “Light of Love” Ministries, Civil Station, Calicut, Kerala for the last 3 years. This Church is affiliated to “Church of God” under the leadership of Pastor Dennis Spadigam. Pastor Shaju also run’s a ‘Tent making’ business to meet the expenses of the ministry. Over 28 believers gather every Sunday to worship the Lord, at a rented property.

Last Sunday, 18 February, 2018, while the service was just closing, a mob of religious fundamentalists gate-crashed into the house of worship. They began to shout abuses accusing the pastor of luring people into converting to Christianity. In spite of reassuring them that there were no cases of allurement, the fundamentalists threatened Pastor with dire consequences if he continued to worship. In fact, Indian Pentecostal Church (IPC) also gather in the same rented property, at a later time. They also recounted the same experience from the same mob of radicals.

The basic issue is with a disgruntled worker (name withheld), who had been working with Pastor Shaju for around 3 months, before submitting his resignation last week. This ‘person’ has apparently gone around spreading malicious and fabricated stories that the Pastor had ‘lured and enticed’ him with the promise of a motor-bike and money to convert to Christianity.

Pastor is now on the lookout for an alternate location for the congregation to worship. Even in situations where there are no allegations of converting people to Christianity, India’s Christians suffer intense discrimination and persecution.

Church, tomorrow, a meeting has been arranged through a common acquaintance with the “upset worker”, to resolve differences. Please uphold the meeting in prayer.

The congregation are naturally scared. Please also pray for God’s supernatural peace to prevail among the congregation and to be steadfast in their faith.

“.. I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” – Matthew 16: 18

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