Christians targeted by cow vigilantes, Tripura

Christians targeted by cow vigilantes, Tripura

Religious fanatics continue to deny the right to freedom of faith. Religion, and change of religion, is a right otherwise guaranteed by the Constitution of India.

An incident of “Ghar Wapsi”, (forceful re-conversion of Christians to the original faith) was reported on 20th of January 2019, at Tea Estate in Ranchi Tilla in North Tripura, India.

Soon after this incident, the plague of ‘Cow slaughter’ has started playing out. Rev. Darlong called Persecution Relief to narrate about a recent insidious incident of intimidation and harassment against tribal Christians by religious fanatics and local tribal villagers in the Unakoti District, Kailashahar, Tripura.

Recently, Cow Vigilantes or Gau Rakshaks as they are known in Hindi, attacked Christians on suspicion of cow slaughter, after they found the head of a cow without the carcass, in the jungle. Tribal Christians living in Sova Bagan, were targeted, falsely accused and beaten by vigilantes belonging to the Munda Tribal clan. They have also threatened to burn up their houses if they did not confess to the crime.

This incident comes at a time when the local Church “Kailashahar Baptist Christian Assembly, where Rev. Darlong ministers, is preparing to celebrate their Centenary Celebrations.

Narrating the incident to Persecution Relief, Rev. Darlong stated that trouble started brewing from the eve of Christmas 2018, where several incidents of intimidation, physical violence and threats were reported. He alsobelieves that the religious fanatics are creating a situation out of nothing, to create a climate of fear for the Christians.

Rev. Darlong has not reported the matter to the Police as yet as he is waiting to find a witness to this crime before lodging an official complaint.

Church, please pray for Rev. Darlong and for the Christians in Tripura. Pray for their safety and for peace to be restored in that area.

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