Christians taken to custody by Police at Bus Station, Uttar Pradesh

Christians taken to custody by Police at Bus Station, Uttar Pradesh

A Police Team, instigated by local religious fanatics, confronted 4 Christians, as they alighted at a Bus Station to change buses.

The men, Bro. Bhupesh Yadav and 3 other Christians, all natives of Jaunpur, had boarded a bus at Azamgarh and were on their way to New Delhi.

Overhearing their conversation, a co-passenger, alerted the Alambagh Police Station stating that, 4 passengers were a part of a nexus and heading to Delhi, to convert people to Christianity. The complaint was made before the arrival of the bus from Alambagh and the local Police swung into the action.

The four Christians were greeted by a posse of Police Men and had to undergo the ordeal of threats, humiliation, verbal abuse, and false allegations of forceful conversion, just on the basis of this false and malicious complaint of a religious fanatic.

This was a gross violation of an Indian citizen’s Constitution Right to travel anywhere in India.

The men were detained at the Police Station from 25th evening to the 26th noon – for over 12 hours, despite their innocence. By the grace and mercy of God, they were released without any charges.

Rev. Alok Srivastav and his team worked hard to secure their release.

No action was taken against the person who made the false complaint.


Pray for healing for these pastors as they recover from this assault

Pray that increased persecution will result in increased boldness among India’s believers

Pray that despite the intimidation and violence that is taking place in many of India’s states, Christians may wisely yet unashamedly preach the Gospel.

Pray and intercede for India’s leaders, that they may reign with justice and righteousness.


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