Christians ostracized, Manipur

Christians ostracized, Manipur

10 Christian families living in Nungbrang Village, Imphal East District of Manipur State, have been ostracized and excommunicated for their faith in Jesus Christ.

The Local Youth ClubNungbrang Thumkhong Lairembi Youth Club, had threatened Pastor Kontioujam Tendenda Meetei and 10 Christian families, not to worship Jesus Christ in the village.

A formal letter to this effect was issued by the Youth Club, calling for the Pastor and the Christian families, which they did not attend, fearing bias and prejudice.

Subsequently, another letter was issued by the Youth Club, pronouncing harsh penalties, imposing social and economic sanctions – where the Christians have been cut off from all village activities – every birth, every wedding, every death, every government scheme and subsidy – totally isolating them from the rest of the village community. The Christians have also been warned against assembling for prayer or worship service at their homes.

The pain from ostracism is severe and overwhelming andhas left the Christians threatened and insecure.

Persecution Relief is thankful to Mr P.Doungel, ADGP (Assistant Director General of Police) who was gracious enough to extend support to the Pastor.

Church, let’s all pray in one accord for a divine intervention.

Pray that the believers will rest secure knowing that God is still in control of their lives, able to give them joy, peace and courage through these storms.

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