Christians opposed and threatened in West Bengal

Christians opposed and threatened in West Bengal

Mandira Mudi

In keeping with their threat, not to allow any Christian worship service to take place in the village if they won the elections, a mob of religious fanatics descended on the home of Sis.  Mandira Mudi, were around 40 believers had congregated.

Sis. Mandira Mudi who lives in Betragar village, Jamalpur Block, Purba Burdwan District, West Bengal, assists Rev. Mahendra by leading Prayer and worship in one of the Branch Churches.

Rev. Mahendra has been ministering with the Methodist Church in 2006, and working in and around Nabagram, in the district of Purba Burdwan of West Bengal.

On Wednesday, 12th of June, the House meeting was in progress. Sis. Mandira had gone to the local Hospital to visit one of her cousins who was unwell, as she was grieving the loss of her father. Sis. Mandira’s husband, Bro. Swapan Mudi and other elders were conducting the worship service.

Suddenly, religious fanatics gate-crashed into the residence, intimidating the believers and threatening them not to worship Jesus Christ or face dire consequences.

On learning that the Swapan family had lost one of their family members, they strong-armed the family to abide and follow the majority religion and shave their heads and perform the necessary pujas, in honour of the dead Uncle.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, in spite of facing threats, from local villagers, instigated by religious extremists who are bent on kicking her and her family of the village, Sis. Mandira sounded firm in her decision.

“My family and I have been harassed, discriminated and threatened for a long time, in the past months.  We are Christians and we will not follow any of the rituals which the Bible doesn’t allow us to follow.

Anticipating fresh trouble and learning of the developments, Sis. Mandira was fearful and was staying away at the home of relatives and had not yet returned to her own home.

Rev. Mahendar Das called Persecution Relief to inform about this incident.

Church, pray for this Methodist House church at Betragar village and for the believers to stand strong during such opposition. Pray specially for Sis. Mandira and her husband Bro. Swapan Modi and their safety.

Pray for the opposers to know the love of Jesus Christ, the true work of the gospel and to be touched and transformed.

Pray for the church to continue to be a powerful and effective witness to the gospel.

In 2018, Persecution Relief had recorded 477 incidents of hate crime; 7 incidents of religious persecution against Christians in West Bengal.

In 2019, this is the 10th hate-crime recorded against Christians in West Bengal, just the past 5 months.

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