Christians in solidarity with fellow citizens Government must reconsider CAB and NRC

Christians in solidarity with fellow citizens
Government must reconsider CAB and NRC

New Delhi, 16th December 2019

The Evangelical Fellowship of India shares the nation’s concern of the terrifying impact of the enactment of amendments to citizenship law which threatens to radically change the status of a large number of Indian citizens.

The eruption in India’s many universities by students – who are the antenna and the conscience of the people, and future decision-makers – is an indication of this.

We had expressed concern at the rapid passing of these laws and on the cumulative impact they would have. The dangerous experiment of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam, and the government’s assurance that illegal migrants would be pardoned and given citizenship if they belonged to religions other than Islam, exposes the motives and the political agenda.

The breaking of covenants that the Constitution and founding fathers of the nation had made with the people, began with Kashmir, took the course of the NRC and the Citizens Amendment Bill (CAB), and now we have the threats to do away with the two seats reserved for Anglo-Indians in Parliament and Legislative Assemblies. These have roused fears among all Minorities, Tribals, and Dalits on their future welfare and status as full citizens.

While the Prime Minister and the Home Minister keep on assuring that the citizens need not fear; the pronouncements of political leadership and their frontal organizations, on the contrary, aggravate the fears.

The NRC and CAA, we hold to be unnecessary. They seem to have been rushed through to take away the focus from the burning issues of the day which remain, education, the price of domestic consumer goods, food and above all massive and increasing rural and urban unemployment.

The government needs to focus immediately on restoring peace, reassuring people and taking urgent steps to stabilize the economy, reduce prices and revive employment.

That will be a positive message that the Government would be sending to the nation and the people of the world. We too would rejoice, if that were to happen and hopefully the bitter happenings of the winter of 2019 will become only a bad memory.

We assure the government of our cooperation and prayers in all this.

The Evangelical Fellowship of India’s vast numbers of congregations will be praying for the nation as we approach Christmas and New Year.

Released by:

Rev. Vijayesh Lal
General Secretary – EFI

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