Christians flee to the forest

Church were the incident happened

On Sunday, 07th January, Rev Binaya Kumar Guru, of the FMPB (French Missionary Prayer Band) along with 7 other Christians, had gone to Dahanu Taluk between Mumbai and Surat, which is in Palghar District of Maharashtra. They were visiting the villagers to strengthen them as they had been facing persecution and hostile threats for the past several months, from the local villagers, who wanted to evict the foreign religion from the village.

Apparently, on the 5th of January, the Village Heads had come to a consensus after a meeting, that the Church building in the village, must be demolished. On the 06th they served notice and send people to demolish the Church. Totally unprepared for this hostile turn of events, resisted all attempts to demolish the Church Building. They approached the local Police Station in Dahanu, the Superintendent of Police (SP), Palgar District, asking for Police Protection and for the Christians in the village and for the Church building.

The Police were reluctant to accept the application.

They said, “don’t write that the Villagers are threatening; instead write that there is some trouble in the village. Also, don’t mention that you need ‘Police protection’ instead mention ‘support from the Police ‘in the application”.

Around 40 believers had to wait the whole day – from 8.00 am until late 7:30 pm, to re-write the application. After much paperwork and bureaucracy, the application was accepted.

The believers are mostly the Warlis who are an indigenous tribe or Adivasis, living in mountainous as well as coastal areas of Maharashtra-Gujarat border and surrounding areas.

On Sunday, 07th January, as per the request of our believers, members of FMPB – 2 Evangelists and 6 believers from 3 different villages joined the local Christians for Sunday worship. As a Police Complaint was lodged at Dahanu Police Station, 3 Policemen were sent for our protection.

The worship service started at 10.30 am and concluded at 1.15 pm. In the presence of the Police, the situation was calm; the worship meeting with Communion service was peaceful. After the Service was over, Police left the venue as things were normal and the team got ready to leave.

As the team were packing up to leave, a group of religious fundamentalists and locals who had instigated by the Ganjad Government School Teachers, local village sewaks – more than a hundred people – some drunken men surrounded the team. They blocked the road with branches that were covered with thorns. They verbally and physically assaulted them. A woman belonging to the radical team, took away the helmet and motor-bike key of the Pastor. The Police were informed and they rushed back to normalize the situation and rescued the FMPB team to safety.

Unfortunately, the aftermath of this incident, precipitated a violent reaction and the Christians that were residents of the village, were attached by the locals. Armed with weapons and lathis, they converged on the houses of the Christians. Fearing escalation of violence and for their lives, over 25 Christians abandoned their homes, their land, their cattle, and fled to the nearby heavily forested area and mountains, seeking shelter. Hungry and exhausted, around 12 of them have been rescured and temporarily resettled in other nearby communities. However, around 15 Christians are still unaccounted for. A search of the rest of the Christians is underway.

The Church building has been completely vandalized – the sanctity of the sanctuary desecrated, the doors, windows, chairs and tables, musical instruments completely destroyed.

Persecution Relief Team received a call at 11.00 pm on the 07th, from Pastor Binaya Kumar Guru. They discussed the tense situation prevailing in the village. Persecution Relief Founder assured him of support and offered alternate accommodation for the displaced villagers. He also assured Pastor of livelihood support for the villagers, until the time they are relocated to the village.

Church, please pray for this serious turn of events. Pray against the anti-Christ spirit. Pray for wisdom, God’s counsel and peace to prevail in the hearts of the believers. May they continue to keep their eyes of their heart focused on the truth of God’s Word, where they will find rest, safety and peace for their souls.

Persecution Relief wishes to withhold personal information to protect the victims of Christian Persecution, hence names and places have been changed. Please know that the content and the presentation of views are the personal opinion of the persons involved and do not reflect those of Persecution Relief. Persecution Relief assumes no responsibility or liability for the same. All Media Articles posted on our website, are not edited by Persecution Relief and is reproduced as generated on the respective website. The views expressed are the Authors/Websites own. If you wish to acquire more information, please email us at: or reach us on WhatsApp: +91 9993200020

29 thoughts on “Christians flee to the forest”

  1. The incident should reach the media and heads of Christian organizations. These remaining unreported encourages aggressors to repeat in other places. Human rights groups and civil rights organizations should be informed. These are trends against the Constitution and the State should respond. T.K.john

  2. My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, it is easy to say – be bold: from the smartphone. Being practical in times of threat really deserves the appreciation. May God bless you abundantly in all your endeavour. We are praying for everyone including the people who trouble you.

  3. Why hasn’t this taken place when the Congress was in power? & we Christians vote for the present govts ! We don need anymore evidence , our God is a protector of the poor! The meek will inherit this place , for sure… just wait & watch

  4. I pray for God calm and restore order and human values to the villagers. I pray for the culprits behind all this will be exposed and removed from the area.

  5. Lets all pray God for sending or wielding the host of angelic protection around all true belivers, that all the satanic forces are bound with the power of the blood of Jesus Almighty Lord of lords cross Indian lenght n breadth, far n wide and all the church buildings be guarded with or by the fiery lines of angels back n fore as God Himself had shielded Israelites against aggressing Egyptians in the Arabian-Egypt desert border and also as he guarded Judson Adoniram against Burmese army attack during the night of their attempt.

  6. We live in countries that r very liberal , India has become a dangerous place for Christians to live in…. prayers & a secular govt. is what Christians want , we will have to vote for a secular govt

  7. When did FMPB,IEM,IET, MVM, NMS,IMS,VBS, other practicing only and preaching only organization Managers Ever come together to pray prepare a plan of action or have given a collective memorandum to District or state administration for facing such incidents?

  8. We are Indian… we believe Nationalism… we respect all DHARMA but stop persecution…. ईसाई प्रार्थना पर बिश्वास करता है। कठ्ठरपथींयो की तरह ऑही है।

  9. Dear brothers and sisters in christ lets pray for the persecuted .God will surely act ,and the persecutors will not escape the bible says those who destroy my people will be destroyed. So there is no way of escape for these persecutors but,I this hour of need we should care for the suffering and start a Christian relief fund for the poor and the persecuted.hallelujah amen ?

  10. Deeply disturbed by the turn of events. Pray that the Lord would strengthen the beloved believers and help them to stand firm for Christ. Our prayers are with you.

  11. Ardently praying for all Christians and pastors in India., specially in such remote area.we, Christians nèds to be prepared to face much more persecutions and threats in the coming days as mentioned in Mat:24

  12. Sure. We will pray. Let sent His angel to protect them and send the crow to feed them. Let them worship Almighty with peace and calm

  13. Father God
    We come to YOU, today in the mighty Name of Your Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth,
    To pray for the safety and protection of your children there, angels of The Living God, I charge you go & help them to find the proper accommodation toll they turn home safely & the proper & correct documentation to present to the government -Father I also pray that legends of angels be released for their safety & that all be found & no one goes missing or unfound -Father allow them to see your angels as they protect them & help them, Father let the enemy see the angels & get frightened in Jesus Mighty Name I pray;Amen

  14. When Jesus took on the Temple administration of his time, it was to empower the Jews to challenge the established norms. As Christians, we have that as an example to follow. We have to empower every believer, to be well versed with the laws of this country, the rights of the Christian according to the Constitution, and under the present climate of persecution, a policy drawn up to take up such incidents at the highest level of Government.
    Evangelism alone is not the answer. When we are firm in our faith, taking on such fringe elements, is part of the solution, not turning the other cheek. Would they dare burn or demolish a local Mosque?
    Think about it.

  15. Even the worst criminal is not hated and treated like this. 2000 years ago barabass was chosen, now criminals. The foundation is shaken & the end of devil in our place.

  16. Indian Christians are not from Pakistan to hate us by Indians! We are not Terrorists to hate us & destroy Churches & murder Pastors & Evangelists! This is Democratic Country!
    How Christian Minorities are treated here , whole World is Watching! We are making our Own Image bad by this act of Cruelty!
    The Essence of all Religion is ” Love ” , Not hatred Or Killings in the name of any god!
    He who Kills & destroy the Creation of God Almighty is belongs to the Kingdom of Satan!
    Killing a Heart by your Speech is also act of murder!
    Thought to Remember: ” DO NOT DESTROY WHAT YOU CANNOT CREATE! ”

  17. Why Hindus are so interested in persecution, Our God is slow to anger, His eyes and ear keep attentive on his children never forsake never leave, one day He is going to reign.

  18. The hatred has been built by the present governance just to be in power. The Roman Empire, the Babylonian, the Assyrian, Egyptian, etc have faced the Vengence of the Almighty. The terror monger in our country will soon be facing the same situation. May the hand of the Almighty Trinitarian God be upon his people and may rein down his angels to protect and save them from tyrants.


  20. We pray to our Lord Yesu Mashi to protect our dear brethren. Let God open eyes of people who oppose Him to see the truths about Him. This is happening when Israel’s PM is visiting India. Israel, a holy land where our Lord Yesu Mashi born, lived, died & rose again from dead.

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