Christians facing social boycott, Jharkhand

Pastor Ravi Munde holds the worship service at Bro. Mangal Munda’s house, located at Ratu Block of Ranchi districtJharkhand, where a small congregation gather.

On 23rd December, 2017, a mob of religious fundamentalists and the local villagers gate-crashed into the premises, during worship service and beat up the Christians indiscriminately.

An FIR was filed at the local Police Station but no action has been taken by the Police.

Adding insult to injury, on the 23rd January, 2018, the Sarpanch (Village Head) and the local villagers who are anti-Christians, have subjected the Christians to social boycott. They have been deprived of basic access to buy food (subsidized by the government), access to medical facilities, access to transportation, no fodder for their cattle and persistent exclusion from all activities in the village. The intention is to force them to finally flee their property, their homes – a costly price for their faith in Jesus Christ.

They are being barred from using any other well or picking up firewood from the forest. None of the community members are allowed to visit these family, even in case of death, marriage, sickness or any emergency and will be fined a hefty Rs.25000/- if they so did.

Recently, one Christian woman was beaten by village women because she refused to participate in their “Sarna Puja”.

The main persecutor of the Christians is a retired Army man, who is inciting the villagers against this Christian minority. Pray for his transformation and change of heart.

Church, please pray that God will make a way where there seems no other way

Pray that God will protect Pastor Ravi Munde and the members of this Church as they brave the social boycott in their village.

*The follower of Sarna worships to nature. It involves every natural household things they even worship bull, cow, cock, tree, farm barn and also other symbols of nature like Sun, Moon, stars, river and mountains. They apologize to tree before cutting it, they thank to bull, cow, goat for being in their life living with them. They also are thankful to their ancestors for their guidance and they show their gratitude towards their ancestors by offering them some food before having their meal. They thanks to mother land before working on field.

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