Christians detained at Police Station for visiting Christian family for Birthday celebrations

Christians detained at Police Station for visiting Christian family for Birthday celebrations

Credit – VoTC Correspondent

On 02nd October, Bro. Hemant Lal’s father, brother in -law along with 2 other friends were visiting a Christian family near Barkatullah University. After an evening of celebrating their friend’s birthday and a sumptuous dinner, as they walked to where their vehicle was parked, they suddenly found themselves accosted and surrounded by a mob of religious fundamentalists. They began to question and intimidate them by falsely accusing them of conversion activities

This mob then illegally forced and took these Christian brothers to[a1]  Bag Mugaliya Thana Police Station. Shocked at the sudden turn of events, these brothers were in for a ruder shock to find a Lawyer along with other unknown religious fundamentalists, drafting a complaint, alleging conversion activities.

After explaining to the Police what really transpired and clarifying about the false charges levelled against them, the Christian Brothers were finally released sometime around mid-night.

Persecution Relief Founder contacted the TI (Town Inspector) Lalit Singh Dagur at Bagmugalia Thana and established that the allegations of conversion were false and fabricated. We are grateful to the Police Force and Mr. Lalit Singh Dagur who understood and supported the Christian Brothers. No FIR was filed though the religious fundamentalists were insisting on the same. They were all release without any charges. Praise God for His mercy and compassion.

Church, please pray that the fundamental rights of people to religious freedom will be guaranteed and respected. Pray that God will fill our Leaders with divine wisdom to govern righteously.


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