Christians chased off from attending Sunday Worship Service, Haryana

Christians chased off from attending Sunday Worship Service, Haryana

Religious fanatics chased away Christians who had travelled around 40 kms to attend Sunday worship Service.

On 10th June, as usual, Sunday worship service started at 10.00 am. During the service, there was a loud commotion outside, which Pastor Jay Baghwan’s wife, Sis. Seema went out to investigate.

She noticed religious fanatics preventing a group of 10 – 12 Christians from accessing the lane to the Church. They were intercepted by these fanatics, abused, threatened with dire consequences and chased away. As Pastor’s house Church is the last house in the lane, these men were denying them access to the lane.

These believers were visiting from different, far flung villages, some 35 – 40 kms away. Apparently, this religious discrimination to all visitors to Pastor Jay Baghwan’s house, has been ongoing for several months now.

The religious fanatics allegedly threatened Sis. Seema further action if they did not stop worshipping Jesus Christ.

“So far, we have only been stopping them from coming to Church. The next time, we will beat them with lathis and chase them away’.

When Sis. Seema asked them why they were being harassed since they were minding their own business and not disturbing the peace in the community. The fanatics accused her and her husband of taking money from the congregation and engaging in conversion activities.

Sis. Seema suggested that if they did not want them in their neighborhood, then they should buy their house and property so that they could relocate. Pastor alleges that these fanatics who claim that they are protecting their religion, were in fact, trying to grab their house and land free of cost, using conversion as a ploy.

Pastor Jay Baghwan has been ministering at Karnal District, Haryana, for the past 4 years. Around 25 – 30 villagers gather every Sunday, to worship at this House Church.

Religious fundamentalists continue to misrepresent Christian assembly or social work as involving allurement for the purpose of converting people. Christians continue to be on their radar as innocent and vulnerable people are persecuted.

Church, please pray for God’s supernatural protection and grace over all Christians across India, especially in-House Churches.

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom again labeled India in its annual report as a “Tier 2” country of concern for religious freedom violations occurring there. USCIRF found that there were “worsening” religious freedom conditions in at least 10 Indian states in 2017.

*The name of the Church and village have been withheld for the protection and safety of the Pastor. If you need any further information or wish to support Pastor, write to us at



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