Christians Beaten while evangelizing, Rajasthan

Christians Beaten while evangelizing, Rajasthan

A Group of Evangelists, visiting village Nosra, in Ahore Tehsil, Jalore District of Rajasthan State, were brutally attacked by a mob of religious fundamentalists, accusing them of involving in conversion activities.

Sis. Mini, wife of Pastor Sunny, in conversation with Bro. Shibu Thomas of Persecution Relief

Every year, these Evangelists visit the villages of Rajasthan and organise street side skits, to sensitize the people about the ill effects of drug abuse and encouraging prevention of substance abuse.  Children and adults both throng these awareness programs, as it is disseminated in the regional language, making the simplicity of the information and content, easily understandable, through drama form.

Pr. Sunny K. John (Sujangarh), was accompanied with Drug Prevention Campaign and Gospel Outreach Ministry, were 8 members – Pr. Philip (Babu) Tonk, Pr. Biju Daniel (Nasirabad) Pr. Baiju (Kota) Pr. Joseph Cheeran (IBC Alumnus, Bundi) Pr. Mathew (Devri) Pr. Prabhan (Jalore)and Sisters Mini Sunny & Sumitra. Bibles and Christian Tracts are distributed to anyone who is interested in receiving a copy.

A small crowd of curious and interested local villagers gathered to listen to their speeches and watch the skit. Suddenly, a mob of around a dozen religious fanatics surrounded them and brutally beat them, accusing them of converting people to Christianity. They caught all of them, put them in a vehicle and took them to the local Nosra Police Station, alleging that they were converting the villagers.

In the meantime, a Pastor Rajkumar from Jaipur, who received information, called Persecution Relief, to alert about the attack. Persecution Relief team spoke to Mr. Vikas Sharma, SP Jalore, making him aware of the circumstances, who assured of a fair and just probe.

Pastor Sunny’s wife, speaking to Persecution Relief from the Police Station, mentioned that the SP had informed the Police officials of Nosra to take serious action against the religious fanatics, considering the severity of the beating and critical injuries.

Pastor and the team, categorically stated that they did not wish to lodge a complaint as they had forgiven the perpetrators, as followers who Jesus Christ. In spite of this, the Police Officer Nirmal, and SP were adamant and arrested the religious fanatics.

All 9 Evangelists were cordially looked after by the Police at Nosra Police Station, as they had to spend all night and the early part of the morning, completing their medical examination and legal formalities, before they were allowed to leave for home at Udaipur, with Police escort.

Church, Praise God for the Team’s safe return. Pray that they will continue to be steadfast in sharing the Gospel, in spite of this setback.

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