Christians beaten up by vigilante groups, Tamil Nadu

Christians beaten up by vigilante groups, Tamil Nadu


Anti-Christian violence continues to sweep through the southern state of Tamil Nadu which continues to witness a worsening law and order situation and a spike in persecution attacks.

On Monday, 13th January, around 5 pm, Pastor Selvakumar and 6 other believers, members of Full Gospel Pentecostal Church, from Sadayal Puthoor Vembanoor, Kanyakumari District, were distributing Bible tracts at Perumselvavilai which comes under Aloor post office, Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu.

A mob of unidentified religious fundamentalists, noticing them distributing tracts, surrounded them and confiscated all the Bible material.  Gospel tracts are small booklets in easy-to-read format that present the Gospel.

Pastor Selvakumar and team were questioned for hours as the mob falsely accused of entering the villager’s homes and forcing them to convert to Christianity. They were threatened, verbally abused and insulted for their faith in Jesus Christ.

Behaving like they are “law unto themselves”, they beat up Pastor Selvakumar and his church leaders. Eventually, they forcibly applied the hindu sacred ash and vermillion powder on their foreheads. They tore up and destroyed all the tracts.

Learning of the incident which was widely circulated on Social Media, Police rushed to the spot and rescued the Christians.

Condemning the violence by these vigilante groups in the name of religion, Police insisted that the Christians file a complaint against the perpetrators so that the offenders could be punished. A Complaint was lodged at Pattai Police Station.

This horrendous act of mobocracy, which is destroying the pluralistic social fabric and rule of law, was widely circulated on Social Media.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Sis. Annette Joy, wife of Pastor Selvakumar requested prayer for the protection of the Church and the salvation of the persecutors that they may come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Persecution Relief has recorded 67 incidents of religious persecution against Christians in Tamil Nadu in 2018 – the 2nd hostile state following Uttar Pradesh.

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