Christians beaten, mobile phones confiscated, Jharkhand

Update: 20 Nov. 2018


Praise be to God. Evangelist Surender Pradhan and Bro. Philemon were released around 1.00 am, early this morning. Their confiscated Motor bikes, Mobile telephones and personal belongings were returned to them. Thank you Church for praying for them.

Christians beaten, mobile phones confiscated, Jharkhand

Religious fanatics of Sinduria village, Dumka District, Jharkhand, rounded up Evangelist Surender Pradhan and Bro. Philemon and brutally beat them up with no provocation whatsoever.

Both Christians, affiliated with SEC of Youth Missionary Movement, were visiting an Office, to register a piece of land and to enquire about the procedures to construct a Church building. When local villagers & religious fanatics, found out the purpose of their visit, they surrounded and brutally beat them up, confiscating their mobile phones too. Later they were taken to Ramgarh Market Police station.

Persecution Relief Founder received a call from Rev. Arul Jothi who is the Secretary of Youth Missionary Movement, informing about the physical assault on their field workers.

Persecution Relief team spoke with Senior Police and Administrative Officers and briefed them about the incident.

At the time of this story going to press, the Christians were still detained at the Police Station.

Church, please pray for their immediate release. Pray that these men of God will not be discouraged but continue to be faithful and steadfast in Jesus Christ.


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