Christians beaten like animals

Christians beaten like animals:

Pastor Hidma Sodi has an independent ministry called “New Bethesda”, located at Bhelwapal village, in Sukma Tehsil, Dakshin Bastar Dantewada district in the state of Chhattisgarh.

Six months ago, religious fundamentalists had broken into his house and vandalized the Church alleging conversion activities.  A complaint was lodged by the Pastor and a counter complaint was lodged by the attackers too. The radicals were very irate that they had to go for the hearing and were waiting for an opportunity to retaliate at the Pastor. Pastor had to ultimately move to Sukma after the incident, leaving behind his ancestral property owing to the intense persecution.

A plot of land belonging to the local church had been rented out to Bro. Anil Marwi for cultivation. As it was nearing harvest season, a herd of swine entered the fields and began destroying the crops. In order to drive the wild animals, Bro. Sodhi Sini, threw a stone to chase them away which inadvertently killed a piglet.

The matter was raised with the Gram Panchayat and a grievance amount of Rs.1000/- was agreed to be paid to one Arma who owned the pigs. The matter was mutually and amicably settled.

After the Panchayat meeting, while both the parties were returning back to the village, the fanatics used this opportunity to pick a fight with the Christians. Suddenly, a mob of over 25 villagers brutally attacked the Pastors with sticks, stones and slippers.  Several Christians were injured and needed medical attention. Some of them suffered grievious injuries and needed medical attention. Police were summoned and the injured rushed to Shukama Govt hospital.

The names of the 6 injured Christians are: 1) Bro. Muchaki Suka, 2) Bro. Madkami Hidma, 3) Bro. Madkami Mua, 4) Bro. Mandakami Madha, 5) Pastor Madavi Libra and 6) Pastor Madkami Bandy



















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