Christians attacked during prayer meeting, Telangana

Christians attacked during prayer meeting, Telangana

A Cottage meeting was attacked by religious fundamentalists, who trespassed into the private residence of a Christian Bro. and beat up the congregation.

Sis. Esther Rani has been attending the ‘Cottage Meeting’ that is being held in her neighborhood, at Bro. ParamaVinay Kumar’s residence at Telangana Nagar, Palvancha Mandal, Bhadra Sri Kothagudem District, Telangana state.

On the 24th July, while the Cottage meeting was in progress, a local thug and a History-Sheeter, and his gang, who have been terrorizing the family, barged into the private residence of Bro. Vinay Kumar, shouting threats and abuse, beating the believers indiscrimately, accusing them of converting people. Sis. Esther Rani, her son Ruben and 2 believers were beaten with chappals (foot-wear) and slapped by the goon alleging conversions.

Pastor Reuben lodged a complaint with the local Police Station at Palvancha Town. Police summoned both parties and negotiated a compromise.

However, on the 26th, 2 days after the first incident, while the family were praying, the perpetrator  returned with a vengeance. This time with a mob of nearly 20-odd persons, brutally beating the believers indiscrimately again.

Talking to Persecution Relief, Rev. Stephen, Coordinatorfor Persecution Relief, based at Hyderabad, Telangana, confirmed that the Police summoned both parties to the Police Station, and negotiated a compromise again.

Despite strict guidelines, the authorities routinely fail to prosecute perpetrators implicated in anti-Christian attacks.

Church, please pray for the family and for their protection.

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