Christians arrested on malicious and false charges of conversion, Haryana

Christians arrested on malicious and false charges of conversion, Haryana

Local Pastor Pradeep Kumar who has been ministering at “Jesus Door” ministries, in Karnal District of Haryana, narrated the incident of arrest of innocent Christians, members of his Church.

Ajmer Singh and Laxmi Chand are members of his Church.

Ajmer had lost his parents at a very young age and was brought up by his uncle, residing at village Kachhwa, in Karnal Tehsil, Haryana.

The family and relatives of Ajmer, had invested their personal resources and built a “Chaupal” – which acts as the hub of community life in the village, especially for male inhabitants. This ‘Chaupal’ was constructed and maintained by Ajmer’s family. The family home was also constructed close by the ‘Chaupal’.

The ‘Gadaria’s are a caste of people group whose traditional occupation continues to be herding and rearing of sheep and goats for their wool, milk and meat. The word Gadaria is derived from the Hindi word ‘Gadar’ meaning sheep and denotes “one who keeps or tends sheep”.

Noticing that the ‘Gadaria’s people were disposing and dumping their garbage near the ‘Chaupal’ and in front of their home, Ajmer raised objection to it, saying it was leaving a bad odour, posing a health hazard as well as an ‘eye-sore’. He asked them to find an alternate location to dump their waste.

However, his counsel was construed as ‘interference’ and the entire issue exploded into a war of words. They accused him of being an outsider from a different village and had no right to comment or voice an opinion. The verbal exchange escalated into a physical altercation and both parties, separately, lodged a complaint with Sadar Karnal Police Station.

Police were forced to intervene and eventually, a compromise was negotiated between both parties. However, the matter did not end there.

The disagreement over ‘disposal of garbage near the Chaupal’, escalated and let to the accusations of “forcible conversions” and the arrest of the Christians.

The following day, 8th June, the same people from the ‘Gadaria’ caste, lodged a malicious and false complaint against Ajmer and Lakmi Chand, accusing them of indulging in ‘forcible religious conversion’,  charges which they vehemently denied.

The local police however, did not investigate the complaint but simply arrested them on the basis of this biased and fabricated complaint. Both Ajmer and Lakmi were lodged at Sadar Karnal Police station after the arrest.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Pradeep confirmed that the men were innocent and the charges levelled against the Christians were false, malicious and in retaliation.

Local Advocate Nempal Singh, who works for the persecuted Church, informed Persecution Relief about their release on bail on 10th June.

We are grateful to Rev. Gurdeep who informed Persecution Relief about this incident.

Church, please pray as several Christians are booked under false charges. Religious fanatics instigate and pursue the matter until a FIR is lodged by the Police against men and women of God.

Pray for the people of the ‘Gadaria’ tribe, that God would have mercy upon them and brings about a conversion of heart and mind.

Pray for Bro. Ajmer and Bro. Laxmi, not to be discouraged by this incident, but to forgive their persecutors and stand steadfast for Jesus Christ.

In 2018, Persecution Relief had recorded 477 incidents of hate crime; 8 incidents of religious persecution against Christians in Haryana.

In 2019, this is the 2nd incident of hate-crime recorded against Christians in just the past 5 months.


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