Update – Christians arrested at the impulse of Police across India

Christians arrested at the impulse of Police across India

Update at 10:00 pm 12/3/18 Pastor Edwin went to Police station today, the police cooperated and no charges were framed against Pr Edwin.

Pastor Edwin from Bihar, is affiliated with India Mission, which is headed by Dr. Aby Mathew. Bihar is considered ‘the graveyard of missions’ but nothing is impossible by God.

By the grace and mercy of God, Pastor Edwin, along with a team of local brothers, had been successfully evangelizing in several local villages in Bihar.

On the 11th of March, Pastor was ministering at Budhu Chak village, at Bagalpur District of Bihar. They had distributed Bible Tracts. All preparations were made for the screening of the Jesus Film. Just as they were about to show the film, they were attacked by a mob of local villagers and religious fanatics, who stormed into the venue and demanded that they refrain from screening the Jesus film. They threatened the local crowd and dispersed all of them.

They accused Pastor and his team of indulging in conversion activities and hurting religious sentiments. The radicals summoned the Police and Pastor Edwin was arrested and taken to the Budhu Chak Police Station.

Dr. Aby Mathew, Head of India Mission, called Persecution Relief to update on the developments. Persecution Relief Team spoke to Pastor Edwin and encouraged him in the Lord, assuring him of all support including speaking to the Police.  After speaking to the Inspector and to the DSP in charge, God worked amazingly and Pastor Edwin was released around 9.00 pm.

Recounting the incident, Dr. Aby Mathew mentioned that clearly this was a spiritual attack. Just a few hours prior, a crusade was conducted in Siwan, 400 km away from Bhagalpur and many had committed their lives to the Lord. It was the first ever crusade that was held there. Just as they were concluding the meeting at Siwan, they received this emergency call about Bhagalpur incident.

Church, please pray for India Mission and all other Mission Organisations that continue to faithfully serve in spite of the persecution. Pray that God will give them the victory, the grace and the wisdom to push through the darkness, to conquer the hard terrains of people’s hearts for Jesus Christ.

Pastor Edwin has been summoned to the Police Station today. Please pray for Almighty God’s favour to be upon the Police Officials and upon Pastor, so that the matter would be resolved peacefully.

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