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Chartered accountant, spiritual leader and RSS think tank S Gurumurthy on Friday said: “Christianity has destroyed the environment in the world.” Quoting research, he said even the United Nations had accepted that Christianity had destroyed environment as it had no reverence for nature. He was speaking at the inaugural function of the fourday fair organised by Hindu Spiritual and Service Foundation (HSSF) at Ahmedabad’s GMDC grounds.

Speaking on the Hindu way of life, he said Hinduism stresses on conservation, saving environment for posterity and even teaches compassion towards wild life. The Hindu civilisation is the only one that teaches mankind to live together despite differences, he stressed. The fair has been organised to showcase how Hindu organisations are involved in the service of humanity.

Over 315 Hindu organisations have come together at a single platform to spread the message of their service towards the society. “Idea of this fair came when one of the political leaders said that India should learn philanthrophy from Bill Gates. The statement came at the time of conferring Indira Gandhi Award to Microsoft founder Bill Gates. After this incident several intellectuals came together to highlight importance or philanthropy in India.

Around 150 people, including me and Ajit Doval, met in Ahmedabad to chalk out the first fair under the aegis of HSSF in Chennai in 2009. Till now 24 such fairs have been organised in 13 states and this is the first one in Gujarat,” Gurumurthy said. Elaborating, he said: “Hinduism never says its Gods are superior.

We have a culture in which even the wildlife is worshipped and importance is given to conservation of nature. In my village, nobody cut the tree when even a single woman was pregnant. It was a way of linking our lives with nature.” Swami Avdheshanandaji, Kathakar Ramesh Oza and Jain monk Jinchandrasagar Surishwarji remained present on the occasion. The Fair will remain open till January 8 and will host seminars and programs highlighting Hindu way of life.


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  1. The statement of RSS think tank Mr S GURUMURTHY which was made in Ahmadabad is purely out of his ignorance about Christianity and the teachings from the Bible. There are scores of biblical verses which demands active protection of conservation by his followers. Here is one verse for him
    Numbers 35:33-34 You shall not pollute the land in which you live, ……. You shall not defile the land in which you live, in the midst of which I dwell, for I the Lord dwell in the midst of the people of Israel.”

  2. Why talk n keep criticizing the peace loving religion. Christianity not only teaches to love ur fellow Neighbour as u love yourself, the religion also teaches to love nature. Let’s do it peacefully without hurting other people’s sentiments. Hurting somebody is one of the most dirty pollution.

  3. The commentator must know Indian Rivers in the time of Hindu festivals throughout the India how they destroyed the environment. Ganga is the dirtiest River in India throwing dead bodies and in the name of Hindu rituals destroying the environment. Regarding this the BBC made one of the best documentry movie. Mr. S Gurumurthy must see all this before commenting the particular religion. There is saying in the holy book blind cannot show the way to blind both will fall in the pit. And also he was coating 365 organization are working for the protucting nature and environment. I never seen anyone. In the Indian history more than 205 years Christian organization are doing all kinds of social work uplifting the weeker sections without caste discrimination. Even today they are serving to our India. Most of the sanga parivar groups are disturb the communal hormoney. It is known fact. Let him think over it.

  4. Gurumurthy said. Elaborating, he said: “Hinduism never says its Gods are superior.
    What an irony. Hindus have so many God’s and Goddess that they have to please so many mythological beings that they are afraid of telling that one is superior to the others. We Christians believe on One and Only creator of the nature as well as humans, that is JESUS alone. Hence Jesus alone is the ONLY Way, Truth and Life everlasting.

  5. Statement what Mr. Gurumurthy said about environment is so silly…the whole world knows it’s the Hindu festivals alone which pollutes the rivers n environment but still v don’t complain.We must live as Indians n not pinpoint people of a particular faith.Thank God,we have only one Lord Jesus who became a sacrificial lamb for our sins, as we humans lost Paradise n so death in this temp life.Our God Jesus finished doing everything for us, paid fully for the sins of the whole world irrespective of any faith, so that it’s so easy n free for us that we just need to repent our sins n develop faith in Jesus to get to heaven.Its the anti Christ alone who denies this truth.Let people develop faith n receive Holy Spirit, then the truth will set them free.Let us not disturb the peace of India by making false statements of other faith without any care.

  6. Christianity is the only religion which is a peace loving and does the best to remain in love with all other religion.
    Have you ever seen a Christian entering into a worship hall or temple and destroying the images or killing the people the answer is no.
    Have you ever seen a Christian group getting involved in disturbing the public by violence at any time the answer is no.
    You are talking of preserving trees and the environment but since time BJP has come in power the RSS and other group have destroyed churches killed the worshippers and still it is going on is this not impacting the environment.
    First learn and understand what the Bible tells and then speak.
    Because your people are in power doesn’t mean that whatever you and your people mention the people are going to accept.
    Keep in mind because these people are praying for the leader’s and other people in authority the country is blessed and the more you disturb and persecute Christianity the Gods judgement is getting near. Our God is a consuming fire so don’t think because we the Christians are silent things will go as you all think it is just because our God loves everyone irrespective of there caste or religion but it will not be eternal. In his time he will do what has been planned by him.

  7. He is not speaking as either Spiritual leader or chartered accountant… He is speaking as RSS leader which has no head and tail in his speach. I too comes from Hindu background I know better then him what is Hinduism And Christianity , I think he should study what is happening around Among Christine And Hindus! He should not speak without studying… Sitting in the AC room how can he study about the religiouse and their FAith. LET US PRAY FOR HIS SPIRTIUAL EYE TO OPEN.

  8. Jesus intended for us to start a religion in His name. He healed the lame , blind ,deaf , mute and raised the dead in his lifetime. He died for our sins so that through faith in Him we could have an intimate relationship with God and an everlasting life in heaven. He summed up the commands in Two … Love Your God and Love your neighbor. it’s that simple. nothing complicated. Our worst day with God is still better than our best day without Him.

  9. How sad that Mr. Gurumurthy, a learned man makes such statements and try dividing people just for his political scores. However I read few comments as respond to his statement are equally ignorant as they have quoted few verses to prove him wrong.. I am sure there be more verses in all the religious text prove everyone otherwise…
    This is not the time to react to ignorant statements with equilly ignorant statements but create more love and harmony to keep India and humanity intact and loving one another….

  10. RSS Gurumurthy statement is not surprising ..:-) For it originates from the Brahminical Manuwaasi mindset and doctrine that divided Human beings by caste and denies them rights..Their Gods do not accept sections of Human beings
    Ignorant Arrogant dark mind …And With Regards to their Festivals all the rituals are detrimental and devastatingly destructive to environment and Human beings…We need to churn that evil out and thank God for our Saviour ..He taught us to experience love and Show love and forgive…We forgive the maniac Dark agent and Cahort of Dark forces ..But We Christians must arise and be assertive in demanding our Rights of Liberty.lest these forces create Havoc amongst our less unfortunate ones specially the poor the oppressed ones the real true martyrs who are persecuted in the Northern and tribal states.We must stand up and stand out and Resist these works of evil ….in solidarity with the tribal and rural christian brethren…Resist the devil and the devil will flee…Our prayers will continue ..

  11. Our God Lord Jesus Christ is long suffering. In his own time he will work in his way. Of course we are human being having less patience. Let’s pray and only pray and pray. He is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent God. He of course has already seen, in fact he has in his foreknowledge known these things. We know for sure the person who is instigating for hatred has a life of may be 100 after that he has to stand before him who is, was and Wii live for ever and going to judge and give his reward to the person according to his acts. Can gurumurthy know where his predecessors have gone those who instigated for hatred and persecution of believers in Jesus Christ and are dead? If he knew he would not have done this rather believed in Christ. But it is kept secret so that he volunteers believing or continue blasphemying and perish for ever.

  12. Dear Mr., Christians have contributed to the maximum, even laid down the life for the goodness of others and for the entire society. You may compare in any field. WE NEVER HURT ANY ONE’S FEELINGS.

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