Christian School targeted again

Christian School targeted again in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

Jolly Memorial Mission School, Co-Educational Senior Secondary institution, located in Ora Park, Near Sethi Nagar, Tempo Stand, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.

Pastor Renni Chacko founded, this school 17 years ago, with just a handful of children. With his sincerity, hard work, honesty, and commitment, the school now has a strength of over 500 children.

On Sunday 04th February, when Pr Renni returned from Church after worship service, he found that the foundation work is finished and the neighbor has installed a idol of their god.

2 years ago, the neighbor Mr. Pandey has made a temple just in the boundary of the school, which was in the pathway to residential quarters of the school teachers. However, just to avoid any enmity against the neighbors he overlooked and as Jesus taught, never went for any arguments.

Recently, they have started making another temple and that too in the school land and on the way. They have completed the plastering work as well. Police were informed and when they arrived, they stopped the construction work. As soon as they left, they commenced the work again. Then the police team headed with TI came. There was a huge commotion and objections raised by the local religious fundamentalists who joined the side of the neighbour. They made false baseless allegations that the School had broken the idol when no such thing was done. The Tehsildar visited the site and measured everything. They have been called for a meeting tomorrow, 08th of February.

Pastor Renni Chacko spoke with Persecution Relief Founder, Bro. Shibu Thomas and confirmed this incident.  He was disappointed at the turn of events after serving the community for so many years.

Church, please pray for the meeting scheduled for tomorrow with the Tehsildar, that the truth must prevail.

Please also pray for Christian Educational Institutions that are under frequent attack by religious fundamentalists across India.

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11 thoughts on “Christian School targeted again”

  1. I know pastor Renni chacko since 20Years . He is a Godly man and fears the Lord. Last Christmas I was in Ujjain and I have seen how forcefully Hindu made their temple very close to the school boundary s so they can keep there vehicles over there. And giving them threatening all the time.

  2. Fahed we pray that every forces of the enemy shall fail against your children and that you would send your Holy Spirit and your angels and speak in favor of your children and you will surely give us the victory IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH. we speak victory and blessedness upon Pastor Renni and the family and All the children who believe and stand for you, Yahweh Shalom!!!!!

  3. This is bad news for us don’t fear God always with us.but.we are praying.dont.worry.every thing will be all right in the name of Jesus Christ__Amen

  4. Don’t worry pastor we are praying for u all ,our lord JESUS is with u… He solve this problm….the person who is doing such kind of work … one day when he will knw that who is JESUS he will relize on that day u will be the winner…….

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