Christian School Principal threatened, Uttar Pradesh


Pastor V.I.D. Ranjan {Senior Pastor of New Life fellowship, originally from Kerala}, is serving the Lord in Jaunpur District, Uttar Pradesh, along with his family. New Life School at Masih Nagar was started on 31st December 2015 and is being run by Pastor Ranjan who is the Principal. The School has a strength of around 400 students from Nursery to the 8th Standard – State Board Syllabus.

Yesterday, local MLA Dr. Leena Tiwari, her husband Babloo Singh*, and Adarsh Singh, Head of Karunakar Ashram from Bhanpur village, visited New Life School. The MLA’s husband demanded to see their affiliation certificate, wanting to know whether the School was for educational purposes or for religious conversion. There was some argument and MLA’s husband, Babloo Singh, raised his hands to hit the Principal but the MLA and her gunner stopped him from doing so. They left, threatening to close down the school.

Even on Sunday, 12th August 2018, Head of Karunkar Ashram along with Narasingh Bahadur Singh attacked the school.  During this event, stones were thrown and the windows facing the road were broken. There have been earlier events and threats from Mr. Narasingh Bahadur Singh, who also runs a school in the same village and is closely associated with the religious head of Karunakar Ashram.

Please pray for the protection of Pastor and his family members, for the School Children and the peaceful functioning of the School.

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